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  1. I realy didnt like the idea of someone deleting this tópic "Next version make it less cpu resource?" Seriously nobody noticed yet how much the HDD is active constantly reading data? and will only help worn out HDD eventualy? plus laters versions from 1.19 to 1.20 now adds a cpu usage of 3%, Speccy going the wrong way in my view. But maybe sadly my sugestion doesnt matter as long Speccy can do every minor thing at the cost of the hardware.
  2. Been too long, i believe this bug might not be fixed in a few years.
  3. I noticed on version 1.19 its taking some 3% to 5% of cpu usage, so going back to 1.18. I dont mind the ram usage at all, both use 15mb wich is nothing and perfectly fine: 1.18 task manager shows its process 0% 1.19 task manager shows its process 3% (this will increase cpu heat a bit and afect performance while testing it for gaming) Next version hope your able to make it run like in 1.18 (process 0%) Forgot to mention im using: Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
  4. Same here: Iomega 2TB (usb 3.0) i might belive this external hard drives does come pre formated with security software and might conflit with Defraggler not sure, (it came pre formated with ntfs files so didnt bother) i have no clue why defraggler cant analyze my 2TB external HDD -__-;
  5. Same happens on my external hard drive 2TB Iomega.
  6. I would apreciate very much on anyone opinion over this switchable graphics solution of AMD... So as i see, by seeing Radeon Temperature on speccy when opening a demanding aplication, it means it have switchen graphic to Radeon?
  7. Just shows "AMD Radeon HD 6650M (Acer Incorporated [ALI])" Edit: Sounds like it only shows up after my laptop swtichs graphic from Intel HD 3000 to Radeon HD 6650M, thats when temperature apears right away, after opening a more demanding aplication. So i gess its not a bug at all, altough Intel HD graphic shows on monitor but i think its also right since its what takes care of my monitor colors/image correction by default. (dam swtichable graphics solution they had to make lol...)
  8. On task manager i see it using 5% or 6% of CPU while its suposed not to, when he have already loaded and checked all hardware specs right? Also noticed when opening Speccy some other process like "wmiPrvSE" and "svchost" starts using cpu for unknown reason. So far version 1.07 is still the most stable yet, i love speccy cause it doesnt consume any resource and is fast loading, so will continue to hope for next version to be as stable and fast like version 1.07 was.
  9. Ok thanks, thats all i needed to know, will wait for next version
  10. Please let me know if the developers have taken notice of this bug.
  11. Hello, since i installed this new version it keeps rising memory ram usage for unknown reason: (it can increase 50k or 100k per second in ram use without stop) My laptop specs: OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64bits (User acount control disabled) Processor: AMD Turion 64x2 (1.6Ghz) Ram: DDR2 3gb Graphics: NVidia Ge Force Go 6100 (256vram) Monitor: 1440x900 I also notice it no longer show the processor 2 cores temperatures, only shows the average temperature (general temp of 2 cores) Till another version is released in going to keep v1.07, thanks for making such a nice useful
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