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  1. I narrowed down to the "Empty Recycle Bin" on "System". I tried to empty the recycle bin from windows, the same error message is displayed. (System indicates that there are 3 files but I could not see them, though i changed the folder option to view hidden and system files. PS. There are no files in the recycle bin. Thanks Vasu
  2. Still have the error message. Did the defrag also. Thanks
  3. When I run the "Run Cleaner", it flashes with the error message "Cannot remove folder Scanners: The Directory is not empty" with the header "Error Deleting file or folder". I could not find out the directory "scanners" in my hard disk. Only folder i have is at the c:\program files\Microtek\Scanwizard 5\Scanners" I have renamed this directory and still I get the error message. Thanks
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