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  1. My uninstall list shows several items that confuse me as to whether they could be safely uninstalled. For example, MyUninstall Page lists: Adobe Acrobat 4.0 Adobe Reader 6.0 Adobe Acrobat Reader Update 6.02 Adobe Acrobat Reader Update 6.03 My Programs list from Start menu shows: Adobe Reader 4.0 Adobe Reader 6.0 My confusion is that if I delete all Adobe from Uninstall page, how would I read PDF Files Also, if just version 4.0 deleted, would I lose needed shared files ??? Several other items on the Uninstall page give me similiar reluctance to Uninstall I
  2. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ No back up Running Win XP Home, so able to use 'system restore' feature
  3. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ K..Thank you also for good info you put out here for all of us I just *restored* the whole folder and all contents (689 files and 174Mb) Now my CCleaner Tools page again shows all the Hotfix uninstalls, and I can search and find the $hf folder , just as things were before I used CCleaner Hotfix uninstaller
  4. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Stint's two more Cents Mr lokoike: Thanks for this, and all the past good info you post here However, I am still wondering how "not being able to receive newer versions of updates I already have" is any less of a significant problem as "not being able to receive future updates" Perhaps you are implying, rarely is version updated by updating updates? Usually just whole new update ? Bottom line is if the folder is gone, IMHO you are "not better off than you were 4 years ago" I was able to restore the folder, and all the hundreds of files inside, and I do no
  5. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Stint's Two Cents: Re-reading all posts the original thread about $hf...in Discussion Forum, started by CeeCee, especially info from Wraithdu, I conclude that contrary to the above, the folder *will not* be re-installed with the next Win Update you download To the contrary, it appears that if you deleted this folder and its cache...*you will not be able to install future updates* Also, restoring the folder (and Unistallers if necessary) is IMHO the best action while waiting next CCleaner Finally, THX MrG for overall a great product
  6. Mr E Thx for reply As noted in the thread above in Discussions Forum, the problem is a bit more involved Sorry I did not my post question there I was able to restore folder $hf_mig$ It contains 689 files, and 174mb IMHO, not a good idea to allow CCleaner to uninstall that folder
  7. I followed earlier suggestions, and allowed CCleaner to remove Hotfix uninstallers The folder $hf_mig$ no longer shows up when I search If (as noted in posts below) I need to re-install this, please advise how/where to download Thx for all help
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