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  1. Thanks for the pointer. I scanned Winapp2.ini and cannot find a reference to the Intel shadercache. I would like to understand more about how all of this works. Can you point me to the specific lines in Winapp2.ini that apply to this case? Thanks, Jon
  2. I found C:\ProgramData\Intel\ShaderCache\ on my system. Should this be added to CCleaner?
  3. I have the latest version and Software Updater is missing.
  4. It's now September and I have this problem as well. Any chance someone at piriform can put this on their to-do list? thanks. v5.35.6210
  5. I love hostile reponses: 1--i just downloaded it and ran it. if the hot fix uninstaller is broken, then it should be removed until it is fixed -- not everyone should be a total expert on every flakey feature... 2--i read the first thread, it is very long, and it makes almost no sense. i passed up the opportunity to read the second. it's full of opinions, admitted mistatements, guesses, etc. what's the point? net: if I had time to read all of the forums for all of the applications that i use, i wouldn't need the applications because i wouldn't have any time to use them. if the best answer anyone has is you fouled up by using a feature that someone, in some forum thread knows is broken, but isn't disabled in the program, then the users should turn away or risk serious damage to their systems. Jon
  6. if you have ccleaner remove the hotfix uninstallers, then run issues, there are a bunch of "uninstaller reference issue"s in the registry for some of the same hot fixes. can ccleaner automatically take care of those when it removes the uninstaller files? thanks, jon
  7. Your Hot Fixes aren't gone. They are just permanently installed. What you checked was to have the UN-installers removed...IE the hot fixes cannot be backed-off any longer. The advanced options are NOT automatically selected because some might not want their effect. Removing the hot fix uninstallers saves a lot of space because all of the replaced files are stored there. You can always reinstall the OS over itself and start all over again--reinstall all of the fixes. Then you could uninstall any individual fix at will...but why would you want to?
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