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  1. The files are being created by Microsoft Antispyware program (MSA). I know someone from The University of Colorado and they have a public machine with 600+ users/day and themachine is power cycled daily. After a month of using the MSA program on the machine these temporary files occupied 1.1GB of disk space. The MSA program is not cleaning up after itself. It is creating two new temporary files for each new user after a power cycle. The file all begin with ~DF with a tmp extension.
  2. 1. What program is creating the ~DF<Letter><3 Numbers>.TMP (ex. ~DF3FD9.tmp) files in "C:\Documents and Settings\arete\Local Settings\Temp folder? Each time I restart/turn-on my machine the computer creates two of these files. Each file is 32K in size and the computer creates two file on each startup. After two months my laptop had over 200 of these files. 2. I have tried using CCleaner to remove these file by using custom and ~DF*.TMP but CCLEANER does not recognize the * wildcard and since the computer creates a new name each time I cannot add one name to delete all the files. How do I get ccleaner to automatically delete the old ~DF????.tmp files on startup? 3. Is there a way to find out which programs are using which files? When I try to delete the latest file ~DF file I get the error message it is being used by another program or user.
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