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  1. Good evening lokoike ! Since I have reinstalled 126 in my neighbor's as well as in my computer this afternoon, and since all is well for now, should I not wait for a "new and improved" 127, complete and resplendent in all its new glory? I will look forward to your reply and advice. Thanks
  2. Hi again, I solved the restart hanging problem thus: 1- Downloaded v.126 2- Uninstalled V.127 3- Restarted computer 4- Win XP was now able to restart (with short delay) 5- Removed Ccleaner from Program list in Zone Alarm 6- restarted computer 7- Closed all programs (including Zone Alarm and Avast Anti-virus) in systray 8- Installed Ccleaner v.126 9- Fingers crossed! All seems well. P.S.: I ran several more tests after posting this message; ran Ccleaner and Issues tasks separately and in concert; re-added Ccleaner.exe to Zone Alarm's Programs List; restarted after each operation; all IS definitely WELL ! My guess is that the problem lies with v. 127.
  3. Hi, I installed v.127.0.260 update and my computer stalls on restart just as the systray icons begin to load. I uninstalled v.127 and reinstalled. Same problem. The only way I can proceed is to shut down my computer, wait 30 seconds and reboot. Any suggestions? Thank You. WINXP PRO SP2 - AMD ATHLON64 3500+ 2.20G S939 - ASUS A8N-SLI - 2 ASUS PCIE GF 6 EN6600GT 128M TVO SLIs - 2 SEAGATEs 7200 SATA - KINGSTON 400MHZ DDR 1024M KIT - ANTEC ATX 450W SONATA II
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