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  1. Hi there again Lokoike!


    Thanks for your suggestion. I tried this first today since I didn't find the time nor did I remember it at times.


    Anyhow, I found that the drive for the camera doesn't show up in the window as i.e. a USB-stick. As a matter of fact, I can't remember that it ever did this before. This was usually the reason why I had to use the Zoom-Browser EX for detection of the camera and download of pictures.


    I NEED someone to tell me what I can do. This is urgent!!


    Please, if there is someone out there that can help that would be great!


    I NEED help!








    PS. I have now sent THREE mails to the developer of Ccleaner explaining my problem but I don't even get a reply!! I simply have to tell people to stay away from this program unless they are only using the cleaning feature. It's a GREAT risk running the issues-component in it if this is what the outcome is...!!! (unless you don't erase the backup files and are able to find them again)


    "Real men don't make backups,

    real men just cry a whole lot more when the pc crashes!" ;)




    Here is a somewhat bootleg suggestion, but it might work as a quick fix. Plug in your camera, open up My Computer, and find the camera. Open it up, and there should be some .jpg files in it (they may also be hidden in a folder, so if you can't see them right away, check any folders that the camera may have).


    After you find them, highlight and right-click all of the ones you want, and paste them into My Pictures, or wherever you keep your images at.


  2. Eldmannen, as much as I appreciate the explanations and your ideas about why I have the present problem, I do not need to know that Ccleaner shouldn't have touched things when it actually DID. I can't help it as I'm neither a pro in this program nor did I write it. What I need therefore is nothing but a solution right now. I am sitting with a problem I can't solve on my own and that is why I am in this forum.


    This is not meant to be nasty but I can't use the before mentioned post to solve my problem in any way.


    Again..., what I need is a solution!


    I also want to state once more that I was an absolute moron when deleting or forgetting to back things up but I had a little more faith in this program and it's abilities than I do now after having to deal with this problem. I still NEED to download those pictures and they aren't gonna move themselves this way.








    Maybe the registered shell didnt point to executable, so it removed it or something. Issue thing only supposed delete broken stuff and such.



    Hi Andavari,


    I sent a mail through this forum's mailprogram to the developer of Ccleaner to who you gave me the link. That is about 2-3 days ago, however I still haven't gotten any response from him neither via mail nor in this thread. Is this normal?


    Please, drop me a note and let me know if there are other fora's in which I could get some professional help.


    Thanks again for your time!









    However I've seen registry cleaners suggest to remove valid stuff before and CCleaner is also a culprit of that behaviour because on my system I have some other folders in my Start Menu->All Programs called; Audio-Tools, HTML Document Templates, etc., that it will always want to remove a reference of in the registry which is flat out an incorrect detection because the folders actually and physically exist.


  3. Hi again!


    And thanks for the tip. Now that was a good idea. I'll contact him asap! ;)


    Thanks again and wish you a nice day.








    I see the Zoom Browser reference.

    As to why it messed up your software I don't have the slightest ideal.


    Since you requested professional help, the only person I'll recommend is the CCleaner developer MrG, you may have to send him a PM to get help, just remember to point him to this thread.


  4. Hi!


    And thanks for replying. I wouldn't be able to tell you if it's a .tmp file but who knows. What I CAN say for sure however is that the person that mentioned that ccleaner isn't touching any files belonging to or having any reference to either 'Canon' or 'Zoom' simply isn't true.


    I took a screenshot (click on icon below this text to enlarge!) of ccleaner on my desktop-pc as it is (besides the hardware) an EXACT mirror-image in relation to Windows, files, protection..., you name it as it is on the laptop. Even Zoom Browser is the exact same program. And all of that might come in handy besides proving the before mentioned point. On this machine all is yet untouched by the "issues"-feature and should therefore be able to give you guys ideas on how to resolve this problem as it is "before" the change I already did on my laptop. In the 6th line from the top ccleaner ACTUALLY DOES find Zoom Browser and a related key.


    I assume that this is the missing key on my laptop that started the trouble but I need someone professional who can advise me further on what to do now.


    Any ideas on what...?


    Thanks again! :)


    PS: The USB-port works just fine.










    Possibly something to do with your global temp folder, such as a file deleted that Canon is expecting to be there, however since you've uninstalled it and then reinstalled it that doesn't make that much sense.


    Does other USB devices work in the same USB port you plug your camera into? I'm just wondering if it isn't some sort of Windows hardware detection problem, e.g.; like having a .tmp file removed that the camera was attempting to use that all of a sudden disappeared that caused problems in the registry.



  5. I do like to hear this.


    However, it DID actually change this feature of automated download. It came right after the use of Ccleaner and was okay right before I did that. I have read other threads on the site of people that had Ccleaner-problems and changes done to their system although it wasn't Canon or Zoom Browser EX related but it's obviously not bulletproof.


    So, no matter what. The problem is there and it exists even though Ccleaner isn't set to do that. What I need now is just to know how to fix that if anybody knows 'cause it still isn't working and I still need that feature urgently!


    Any ideas on that?


    Thanks already now!






    winapp.ini have no reference to either 'Canon' or 'Zoom'.

    I dont think CCleaner cleans or should clean Canon Zoom Browser EX.


  6. Hi there!


    If anybody out there is good at understanding Ccleaner then I'd be happy to receive some help.


    I used Ccleaner the first time about 1-2 months ago (not the latest version but the last or the one before that) and it freed up a lot of harddisk-space on my laptop.


    However, I then run the analysis-feature to fix possible problems on the system. While doing so, everything seemed to be fine untill the day I needed to connect my Canon Ixus V to the-USB connection and download pictures from the camera to the PC.


    Usually those things happen automatically and the camera is picked up by Zoom Browser EX but after using the before mentioned feature in Ccleaner it simply can't. I tried to re-install the newest version from Canon's page for the Zoom Browser. No luck. Then I uninstalled and reinstalled the old version from the original CD. Nothing yet.


    I am horrified. Does anybody have any idea how to fix this? I need to do download pictures from the camera very urgent.


    Please, drop me a note.






    PS: I admit I was stupid when not creating backup files in Ccleaner or erasing them afterwards but I do not have those if anybody wondered. I know - again - I was stupid. Please, bear with me on this one. :/

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