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  1. You can save entire webpages and sites with this handy little tool not just bookmark them. Great for websites with info that you just gotta have and are afraid of losing it.


    You can also use it for online classes by saving the content and reasearching it offline if you want. This extension is like Onfolio only better and they keep improving it. Vry handy tool when doing online research. Also saves PDF and other files.








    P:S: Sorry I made a new topic out of this before by mistake can and administrator delete it for me.



  2. If you have firefox preloader then you'll have to shut that off too. When you use task manager to shut off the firefox.exe process, check to make sure there aren't any more firefox processes opened. ometimes there will be more then one firefox process opened in the background.

  3. Is there an i386 folder on your hard drive somewhere?


    Start > Run

    C:\path-to-i386-folder\winnt32.exe /cmdcons


    That should allow you to install recovery console as a boot-time option, so that you can hardcore manual repairs (with guidance from a tech, like me) without needing an install CD :)



    I'm afraid I don't have it I even opened up the hidden files and still nothing. Even though everything is good now I would like to be able to repair the registry if I ever had to do it again.



  4. I think it was a corrupted registry. Yea the system restore was blank. Thanks for offering to help but I'm afraid I couldn't have done a manual restore cause I don't have the original copy of windows xp. My laptop was shipped with recovery disks instead I'll never buy a pc without the original windows disk, too many disadvantages. <_<

  5. Exactly how did Dial-a-fix "ruin" your C: drive?



    While I was using it in the middle of the process I got a blue screen with some letters on it but it happened so fast that I couldn't read the message. Then my laptop restarted, when I tried to click on anything most of the programs wouldn't respond and the ones that did couldn't do much. I think it screwed up my registry cause it completely wiped out my system restore so I couldn't restore my system. I tried to back up the files I had on my computer but I couldn't back up any files no matter what I did. I tried copying them to a cd, dvd and even tried backing up my files into an external hard drive and nothing worked. The programs kept crashing and I finally decided to reformat and reinstall my C drive. Since most of my files were in my D drive I decided to only reformat and reinstall my C drive. Thank God it worked and most of my files were saved since they were located on my D drive now I know what my D drive is for lol. Sorry but dial a fix is not for me.




    P:S: I just went to the site on dial a fix and the text was pulled out. The problem that was described on the DJ Lizard site sounds very familiar I guess I'm one of those 5% with the problem.





    That sounds a lot like the problem I had.

  6. Hi just as a warning the dial a fix ruined my c drive and I had to reinstall my whole c drive. After reinstalling my c drive the ccleaner now works great. I guess I should have backed up all my files and reinstalled my c drive in the first place. Use the dial a fix program with extreme caution. I think its just better to back up the files you need and reinstall your drive. Thank god most of my files were on my d drive so I didn't loose much. I did download the dial a fix form the main site.



  7. This is the error I'm getting from Event Viewer


    Faulting application ccleaner.exe, version, faulting module kernel32.dll, version 5.1.2600.2180, fault address 0x0001eb33.


    For more information, see Help and Support Center at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp.


    When I click on the link it gives the same usless binary numbers and regular date which I know nothing about.


    On the systems "Windows error reporting" is says faulting module kernel32.dll, version 5.1.2600.2180, fault address 0x0001eb33.




    Faulting application ccleaner.exe, version,

  8. You can look at the error report in your event viewer. Maybe the error won't be useful, but maybe it will. I'm not sure what's going on. Sometimes an error report can give useful information, but not always. It's weird that everything else in CCleaner works except that feature. Where did you download from?



    The info is usless mostly binary numbers and temporary folder things. I downloaded it from the main page of Ccleaner and before that from download.com.

  9. Can you post some additional information? Such as your OS, version of CCleaner, and an error message?



    My operating system is windows xp home edition with sp2 and I have the latest version of ccleaner 127. The other versions did the same thing. There is no error message Ccleaner shuts off and makes 2 beeping sounds as soon as I click on tools. The error message happens when any program crashes. Its the microsft crash error report. Which sends a crash report to microsoft.

  10. :( Everytime I click on tools my CCleaner crashes. Everything else works fine I've tried reinstalling it and even added it to startup. Nothing seems to be working. I also added it to my firewall. It shuts itself off and sends a crash error to microsoft every time I click the tools button. Is there anything I can do to fix this.



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