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  1. As for Ccleaner, It doesn't support the current stable version of K-Meleon, neither the Beta one. In that post I was talking about other things, I was talking about the Privacy plugin included in K-meleon 1.6 Beta 2 which doesn't work properly!
  2. It's bugged in the beta (known bug), double check your history and you will see that it didn't clean it at all.
  3. This functionality in K-Meleon is provided by a "Privacy plugin" that, unfortunately, doesn't always work as expected. In version 1.6beta 2 for example, it is bugged and the history cleaning on it doesn't work at all (you have to go to the preferences window to clean history). Please, help add K-Meleon to the Winapp2.ini File!
  4. Could you add support to K-Meleon browser in this Winapp2.ini????? I don't know how to do it. http://kmeleon.sourceforge.net/ Version 1.5.4 and 1.6 Beta 2!!!!!
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