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  1. Yayyy! It worked. Thanks again for your help! sonsie
  2. Hazelnut, thank you so much! I'm way over my head with this - all I know is that I need it to play a game. LOL That makes sense - I vaguely remember hearing or reading to be careful of java, but that was a number of years ago. Andavari, Thank you for this. I've been putting this off for several months, partly because I didn't know if Sun could be trusted. I'll keep my fingers crossed and give the download a try. sonsie
  3. I know so little about this that I don't even know how to formulate the question. I go to a site and try to download some little game. I get a popup saying something about java - I guess I don't have it. Went to microsoft to see if I could get it. no, they don't make it anymore. I can get it at java.com and it's made by Sun Didn't Sun have kind of a rep for making stuff with lots of spyware 2-3 years ago? I remember browsing forums and seeing that name a lot in conjunction with problems. It looks like I'm stuck with Sun - but I don't know what I'm supposed to get help please? sonsie
  4. Well duhhh. I'd see a folder I wanted to open, and immediately go to the right to the blue arrow and click on it. I have no idea why, but it never occurred to me to click on the folder itself - maybe because we didn't with 6.0. Thank you, appreciate you stopping by to answer. sonsie
  5. I just installed IE 7.0 and when I try to open my favorites, it tells me 'opening 25 will take a long time' How do I get around this? I'm lost without them. sonsie (crap...is there a page refresh or is it gone?)
  6. Screw it. Thanks for trying to help, Dj. But my limit for attachments on this site is 236 and I don't know of any way to shrink the screenshots. I've tried a few things, but everything makes them bigger. They're both over 350. If it happens again - which it will eventually - I'll save the screenshots as png. sonsie
  7. Hope this works sonsie <sigh> why is everything so difficult These were originally 370kb so I shrunk them. I thought you could click on them and enlarge, but I can't. Have no idea what to do sonsie
  8. I'm impressed. Been there, done that, then left. Drink fluids! I can see you must be a bit frazzled. I'm still wondering about how to get the password. LOL sonsie
  9. It's Legacy Family Tree, Version 6.0. Yeah, I checked junk right away, and double checked just now. As far as email addys, they printed it in red a couple of times on the dl page, and under 'help' for problems downloading, they clearly said as soon as I click on the product, an email is automatically sent. Hopefully they'd tell us if they had a prob with certain addys. sonsie btw...how are yas, Andavari? 8)
  10. Hi DJ Internet Explorer 6.0 and my home page is MSN.com I have a picture of both errors I can put here - the squares and the symbols. This is probably really stupid, but I didn't know what if any info could be gotten out of what looks, to me anyway, like a mess, so I was hesitant to post it until I asked you. Is it ok to post them? and would they be helpful? Or do you know what I mean without seeing? sonsie
  11. Hi, I wanted to download some free software, and it gave me 2 choices: 1. Install from the Web is fast and small. It will download a small setup program and that program will then check your computer and will download only those files that are needed. (Click Install from Web, then select Run or Open in the download security box to install.) OR 2. Full Setup is a single file that contains all files used by Legacy. This file is about 25.4 MB and will take longer to download. Some users may like the full setup even though it's larger. It can be copied to a CD or ZipDrive and be used to install Legacy on computers that do not have Internet access. (Click Download Full Setup, then select the Save File option and enter the location to save to.) I chose the first, but because it really goes against my grain to 'run' or 'open', I told it to save and am hoping it doesn't matter. Issue 1. The problem is the site said it would send me a password, and I would be asked to enter it sometime during the download process. But I never got the password. It's being sent to my email so I don't understand why. The site FAQs said if I have that problem that if I have spam-blocking software, to add their addy to the program's approved list. As far as I know, I don't have spam-blocking software, or would AdAware qualify? I don't have anything email-specific anyway. I have ewido, AVGfree, Win Defender, AdAware, Kerio firewall, and a router firewall. Issue 2. Also, I have confidence that the site is safe, but again, it goes against my grain to add an addy to any approved site list, unless *I* think of it. Makes me a bit paranoid if a website tells me that in order to get this or use that that I have to approve them. Issue 3. IF you guys say everything looks cool and to approve them if I want the software, how do I do that? I understand the concept, but don't know which software might be blocking since I very rarely have this problem. In the past I've simply chosen to skip the software, but I want this progam. sonsie
  12. hmmm...if it's about number and sequence of letters, then I'm guessing my quirk isn't related. Now and then when I open my homepage I get either those squares like you describe, or I get tons of symbols. I exit, wait 1 or 2 seconds, try again, and it's usually ok. sonsie
  13. yessss..that's what I was referring to. I guess my terminology leaves something to be desired. So after I uninstalled MSAnti, the .exe file should have still been on my computer. For some reason it wasn't - all that was left of MSAnti were my logs. I went to the MS site to dl it, saw Defender, and decided to give it a try. My dissatisfaction with Defender was what prompted me to post. I'm sorry this turned out to be a much longer and more involved question than I intended. I try to be real clear, but that doesn't help if I'm not using the right words. Communication is a difficult art - and we're all speaking english! Is it any wonder there are arguements and divorces and wars? Thanks Andavari and DJ for your help and patience. sonsie
  14. No, not what I was asking. My original question was: And then I gave this example: So my question is, why are some programs deleted when I uninstall them, and others aren't. I wanted to reinstall MSAnti so I opened that folder in Program Files. I only mentioned the logs to emphasize that they were all that was left in the MSAnti folder - there were lots of files and a couple of folders before I uninstalled - applications, app extensions, etc, but it was gone after the uninstall. Oh, and thank you for the explanation about files that you gave. I didn't know any of that, and it's good to hear about the built-in safety feature that prevents data loss. sonsie
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