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  1. Dennis and Augeas, Here is the link we have been speaking of. https: // research(dot)torproject(dot)org/techreports/tbb-forensic-analysis-2013-06-28.pdf Thanks for your good responses. Regards, John
  2. Hi Dennis. No problem and I apologize for violating any forum rule on my first visit. Why do you consider that site not to be legitimate? Its software provides secure and anonymous communication and is highly regarded. See Wikipedia for more information. My objective was not to make it appear that you or Piriform endorsed the product. The document enlightened me to the fact that there is residual information in the pre-fetch directory that CCleaner should detect and remove. Best Regards, John
  3. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX identifies some areas where CCleaner needs to look into. Some evidence of a TOR installation that was deleted before running CCleaner. C:\Windows\Prefetch\START TOR BROWSER.EXE-F5557FAC.pf C:\Windows\Prefetch\TBB-FIREFOX.EXE-350502C5.pf C:\Windows\Prefetch\TOR-BROWSER-2.3.25-6_EN-US.EX-1354A499.pf C:\Windows\Prefetch\TOR.EXE-D7159D93.pf C:\Windows\Prefetch\VIDALIA.EXE-5167E0BC.pf The thumbcaches identified in the article were all clear. I have not checked all of the files mentioned in the article. I am using v4.00.4064
  4. After running the latest version of CCleaner on XP Pro Version 2002 SP3, I see a category of files "Microsoft Error Reporting Temporary Files" that I would appreciate if CCleaner could take care of.
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