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  1. Verify Original Post (OS Win7/64),
  2. 11% defragmenting 61% for 2 hours, what's happening, I want all clusters together, freespace seperate
  3. I did not have this error before, used several previous versions :-) What do you mean by "elevated" Crash means Speccy "freezes" doesn't work beyond first GUI
  4. Speccy v1.11.256(64bit) porable version installed, would reinstalling make any diffrence, Win7/64 auto update by MS
  5. Hope Speccy7/64 would be updated soon, as it crashes Notebook every time
  6. Win 7/64 HP as map indicates I am not running short on 32% freespace, int 500GB WD HD, no files larger than 32% of 500GB ;-)
  7. Drive Map color indicates otherwise :-)
  8. How do I get free clusters together and not all over, did defrag, defrag free space, defrag free space (allow fragmentation)
  9. Thanks !!! bit misleading below, Which option should you use? If you want your freespace to be as defragmented as possible, choose Defrag Freespace (Allow fragmentation). If you want to reduce the amount of fragmentation in your current files, choose Defrag Freespace I would have thought correct term for full defrag of freespace should be Defrag Freespace and not (Allow fragmentation)
  10. Defraggler has moved 70% of my files to bottom of diagram !!! none of my files exceed 200mb, does Defraggler mean folder instead of file in Win7/64 Isn't there something wrong in defragged pic in 500GB HD
  11. What does Defrag Freespace mean, is there anything to defrag in Freespace, I observed defrag does not place all used clusters together, and Freespace clusters together,why
  12. Acronis deactivated after last second of 30 day trial:-) I should've been able to recover files, Thanks to kroozer for helpful comment
  13. Executed portable CCC306/64 in its default settings, in a hurry deleted all files in user/TempInfo folder, about to uninstall 30day trial Acronis doesn't work in Win7/64 after my pic email to Acronis my emails receive Undeliverable Error
  14. Defraggler v2.04.297(64bit) user map colors can not be saved, defaults to original colors
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