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  1. I have the same problem - the slim link goes to the 2.06 download.
  2. Yes, we also use MySQL. I don't have any decision-making power when it comes to what they decided to buy earlier I'm not sure that MSSQL stopped working, but since installing, I have been unable to log in. It just keeps logging me back off.
  3. OK, I see that now. But why in the world would that installation mess with my MSSQL server and not allow me to log on? That makes absolutely no sense to me.
  4. I installed CCleaner on a 2003 machine that is our ISA server. Through version 1.26 it worked great. When I installed version 1.27 the install ran YTB.exe and then the tray icon for MSSQL Server disappeared. Since then the computer will not allow anyone to log on. I log on to it and it immediately logs me back off. The tray icon happened with a 2000 server, but that one allows me to log on fine. Any ideas?
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