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  1. Defrag is great for most files which function optimally in a linear sequence; however... Those of us who do digital audio processing know that files created in a multitrack rendering process are best left as-is; and defragging can significantly degrade performance of those files, especially in a latency sensitive environment (like a live performance). Even moving a file can linearize it and degrade performance. 'Defraggler' is great in that you can opt not to defrag these files, but would be much improved if it had the option to "interleave" files in a selective manner (selected files, file types and/or files within selected folders, etc.) [Per the rules of this forum] I won't mention another utility which does this, but the interleave algorithm is well proven and effective in "undoing the evils of defrag". Defraggler would become a favorite utility for those of us who do multitrack audio on Windows if it had this feature (note that most professional audio folks use Mac and/or Linux).
  2. Hey, wait a minute -- I think I've got it... Those huge thumb cache files are the result of the <user> exploring a large database of photos (1677 to be exact) earlier TODAY. I believe I have the CCleaner settings to ignore temp files newer than 24 hours -- Doh! Go ahead and mark this one as "solved". √
  3. Okay... Updated to v3.02.1343 and made sure all Explorer windows closed; ran CCleaner with thumbnail cache option -- same results (not cleaned). Note: currently running as Admin on Win7 -- the "user" is other than Admin, could this be part of the problem? Also, if I "end Explorer.exe" (taskmgr) won't that effect the desktop and/or simply restart Explorer?
  4. After running CCleaner with the Explorer thumbnail cache option selected, I noticed that there were still some (rather large) files, in: C:\Users\ <user> \AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Explorer These files include: thumbcache_32.db thumbcache_96.db thumbcache_256.db thumbcache_1024.db thumbcache_idx.db thumbcache_sr.db I have tried running CCleaner as Admin, as the "User", and as user "run as administrator" -- but the Explorer thumbnail cache files remain. I am tempted to delete these myself, but there are also a couple of other system files in that folder with "etl" extensions that I don't know the purpose of, and would rather not mess with it unless I fully understood the consequences. ----- CCleaner v3.01.1327 MS Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit
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