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  2. Xenomorph

    64 bit

    Why would you want to run all 64-bit software? The biggest point of 64-bit is that more memory can be used. The downside to "all 64, all the time" means a lot of stuff wont work. 64-bit web browsers require 64-bit plugins. 64-bit media players require 64-bit codecs. Many of the plugs and codecs haven't been updated to 64-bit, making the 64-bit browsers and players not too useful. Even if ALL the current software was converted correctly to 64-bit, most of it would NOT take advantage of 64-bit. If you're not running into memory issues with existing 32-bit software, but there is a whole mess of issues with 64-bit software, you're just going to cause yourself HEADACHE by trying to limit yourself to such a silly goal of running "only 64 bit software". If CCleaner only uses a few megs of RAM, why would you need it to be 64-bit?
  3. Sounds like someone was smoking something a bit too strong before trying to download Defraggler. 404 links, non existent file names, alternative file extensions, etc...
  4. I hope anyone reading your post realizes that there were existing problems with your system. Defraggler doesn't do anything except native defragmentation calls that are already built into the operating system.
  5. Upgraded a few minutes ago? The current version does NOT have the crap interface everyone was complaining about. The version out *before* this one had a crummy interface where you had to switch tabs, do all actions via Right click menus, didn't have buttons to click, etc. It was a mess.
  6. That all sounds like a bunch of crap. I disable the page file on 256 Meg and even 128 Meg machines before running Defraggler. It works great. Not having a page file and then running Defraggler should NEVER make your system "not boot" unless your system is a broken piece of junk in the first place. This forum seems to be like some sort of fly trap for people to gather and spread retarded misinformation about their system and then blame it on this software.
  7. Ok, the new GUI has killed the functionality for me. Before, when listed all the files and having it defrag just the files, it the bottom of the program would display how many fragmented files and how much space the fragmented files were taking up. I used it as a "count down" to see how far along the defrag was. Now at the bottom it just has "Check for update" and NO file information. I also can no longer scroll down the file list when it is defragging.
  8. Yeah, and I'm sure Defraggler broke your TV, stole your shoes, killed your dog, and made your penis shrink from 3 inches to 2 inches as well. Such evil software! You should demand a refund at once!
  9. I came here to see what other people were saying about the new interface. Old interface: 1. Load up program 2. Analyze 3. Click check box & defrag. Simple. New interface: 1. Load up program 2. see confusing empty-space pie-graph thing (what is this for??) 3. switch tab to file list 4. Right click drive and Analyze... 5. Then check off box 6. Find some place where you can right-click and then click on "defrag checked" What the heck? A confusing interface AND twice as many steps?
  10. The "colored blocks area" shows 100% of the partition. There is nothing to scroll down to.
  11. No, I hope I helped. I want credit!
  12. I just came to this forum to look up why I was getting this issue. Defraggler 1.01.073 Vista Ultimate SP1, 32-bit Intel E2220 @ 3.2 GHz 2 Gigs DDR2 RAM GeForce 8600 GT 640 Gig WD I start Defraggler, I click Analyze, I check off All Files, I click Defrag Defraggler doesn't do anything but say "Defrag Failed". EDIT, I checked the error log: [2008-05-28] [02:34:22.099] 015f0 1 CDefragmentation::DefragPath#787 Path: "C:\Windows\System32\wbem\Logs\WMITracing.log" [2008-05-28] [02:34:22.099] 015f0 1 CDefragmentation::DefragFiles#690 Leaving CDefragmentation::DefragFiles [2008-05-28] [02:34:22.099] 015f0 1 CDefragmentation::DefragFiles#688 Leaving CDefragmentation::DefragFiles [2008-05-28] [02:34:22.099] 015f0 1 CVolumeOperationScheduler::ExecuteQueuedMethods#218 std::exception caught: boost::filesystem::is_directory: Access is denied [2008-05-28] [02:34:22.099] 015f0 1 CVolumeOperationScheduler::ExecuteQueuedMethods#231 ---------------- Long task finished (time: 0.096s, return code: 0x000003e3) ---------------- [2008-05-28] [02:34:22.115] 00fe8 1 CVolume::UpdateDriveMap#317 Map generated in 0.02626 seconds. It seems that instead of skipping locked files, it is just giving up and stopping the whole defrag. I guess I will downgrade back to the previous version until this is fixed.
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