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  1. Yeah but it took a while for CCleaner creator to make the other versions (toolbar-free and slim) available. And CCleaner users didn't want to wait because never did it in the past...
  2. Finally I installed it anyway ignoring AntiVir message as I was certain it was a false positive. Regards.
  3. Well, I can speak for myself. I am a new member and I thank CCleaner creator for a wonderful FREE software but it all began because AntiVir V.7 says it has a virus or trojan... Tarun gave me a link with the free-of-toolbars version and I will be using that one. Regards. p.d. Also, using Jotti as suggested by Taun gave this response: "MIGHT BE INFECTED/MALWARE (Sandbox emulation took a long time and/or runtime packers were found, this is suspicious. Normally programs aren't packed and don't force the sandbox into lengthy emulation. Do realize no scanner issued any warning, the file can very well be harmless. Caution is advised, however.) (Note: this file has been scanned before. Therefore, this file's scan results will not be stored in the database)"
  4. Many thanks Tarun. I think CCleaner creator should make available both versions (clean and with toolbars) in the main download page. Regards and thanks again.
  5. I did the same but the antivirus popped up anyway... Maybe it's just a false positive but I want to be on the safe side. BTW, this is the first time I was offered to install a 3rd party program along with CCleaner. Previous versions were clean right?
  6. Hi. No, I haven't tried it yet. Where can I find it? because to be sincere I am kindda doubtful about this new version. Regards,
  7. Yeah but has saved me from lots of trojans and it's free. Version 7 is a beta and it is the second false positive in 3 monhts when I installed it. Well, I will install CCleaner then. Thanks
  8. Hello to all. I just want to ask why Antivir v.7 reports that CCleaner has "SPR/KILLPROG.DLL program signature" ... is it a virus or a false positive? Regards.
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