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  1. Not to kick a dead horse. All of my replies [excluding this one which is directed to you] were made specifically to keep this topic on focus. Am I correct in the understanding that you just said: asking people to stay on topic and stop fighting is not the correct thing to do. By pointing out that the user I asked to stop trolling is long-standing member on the forum, I assume that implies that you share some sort of history with him and as a Moderator grant him immunity when it comes to enforcing rules and forum etiquette (even to the point where it appears you are now defending his behavior). To allow abrasive users to run amok on the forums, and then reproach those very users who are following the rules and trying defuse flame bait / trolling situations, creates a hostile forum that nobody wants to participate on. It reflects badly on you, as not being an impartial Moderator and Piriform as not being in control of what is going on it's own forum. While I may not be a long-standing member on the forum, I have been a long time advocate for Piriform. As a software consultant I have pointed countless businesses to CCleaner and Defraggler over the years. Many I'm sure have signed up for paid Business Support. But the lawlessness I see here on the forums makes me doubt whether Piriform is the mature solution I thought it was. In all fairness I'll give you the last word and remain silent from here on out; unless one of the developers has something to say about the thread topic and wants to have a discussion.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I was actually hoping that one of the developers would give some insight on what changed in the GUI version of the program. The command line version works perfectly fine in Windows 2000; as such there is no need to download any version but the latest. I do not know why you have addressed the closing of your message in such a condescending way. I have three posts; two of which are asking people to stay on topic and stop fighting.
  3. I don't really see what relevance that has with the conversation; we have already established part of the user base is affected. Your reply and the previous ones in this thread are simply trolling, isn't there something productive you would rather be doing?
  4. Putting aside personal opinions of what a safe, modern or bloated operating system should be. It still remains to be seen that a large number of users use Windows 2000 and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. As one of those people, I think I speak for everyone when I say that it would be greatly appreciated if Piriform were to continue to support the platform. As I stated above, the command line version continues to work perfectly fine in Windows 2000; there is no deficit in functionality between Windows 2000 or Windows XP when it comes to the program actually performing it's job. Which means support was dropped for something trivial in the GUI version. But without knowing more, that seams very lazy on Piriform's part. To be clear, Piriform has provided us with some wonderful and _free_ software, they owe me nothing in return. But as a long time advocate for their software, one does form expectations (however misplaced they might be). Hopefully one of the developer will reply with more information, so the matter can be put to rest.
  5. Correct me if I am wrong, but the only thing the MS Defragmentation API does is blindly move files to specified locations on the disk; it is entirely up to the Defragmentation program to tell Windows where to move the files [the API does nothing but move files, there are no other features]. Case-in-point the command line version of 2.0 continues to work perfectly fine in Windows 2000. Which would lead one to believe that there is something trivially wrong with the GUI version which Piriform decided was not worth fixing. If I had to guess the Offline Defrag feature seams like the most likely issue (assuming running custom pre-boot programs is a new feature of Windows XP and up). I really hope if that is the case, Piriform would simply disable that option in the GUI for Windows 2000 machines instead of eliminating support for the platform altogether. P.S. Great software, love the work that you guys do. Thanks! However I hope that you continue to support Windows 2000, it has huge install base even if it only makes up a small percent of the overall market share.
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