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  1. I would like to see a portable version that i can run from my USB Flash Drive with out having to install it on a computer. I am a computer tech and i really love this program i just work on so many computers that it a lot of time installing it on countless computers and some clients dont like you installing stuff on there computers.... this would be a great addition to my already great list of programs i run from my flash drive to work on computers.
  2. I see that a new version was released on the 14th Has anyone tried it on a flash drive yet?? Also i noticed under "other builds" on the downloads page there is a basic version i wander if it can be used on a flash drive?? I plan on trying it later on tonight.... anyone that gets CCleaner to work from a flash drive post here please
  3. I want to be able to install ccleaner on a usb flash drive so that i can take it computer to computer and scan the computers without having to load the software on each computer. (Im a computer tech and i really like the software and dont want to install anything on my client computers. so it would be really cool to install and run from my usb flash drive, like all of my other programs for fixing computers.) so any suggestions on how to do this i keep getting a "Runtime error '0'" when i run it from my flash drive. thanks Jason
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