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  1. It has a wireless connection switch on the right-side but it's only a blanking plate. There is a space for a PC Card isn't that where I put the card for wireless connection?
  2. I partitioned my drive last month using Partition Magic and there were no probs :-)
  3. Hi I am wondering if my laptop is capable of connecting to wireless networks and if it is what kind of adapter card do I need to buy for it. Here are some specs: TOSHIBA Equium A60 Interfaces 1 x headphone 1 x DC-in 1 x external monitor 1 x RJ-11 1 x RJ-45 1 x parallel 1 x i.LINK? (IEEE 1394) 1 x external microphone 1 x TV-out 1 x headphone (stereo) 3 x USB 2.0 Expansion (Free) 1 ( 0 ) x Memory slot 1 ( 1 ) x PC Card Type II Networking Data Link Protocol : Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g Compliant Standards : IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED
  4. I use these regularly: AVG anti-virus Zonealarm Ad-aware Spybot I use these to help clean up an infection: E-Wido anti-malware Hijack this A-Squared (Trojan and malware remover) Personally I found AVG easier to use than Avast but they are both good
  5. What can it do that Firefox can't? And can you run it from a Flash drive?
  6. Sorry I should have said what for. On a college computer they use McAfee Security Suite. Part of that is a web filter that blocks out offensive etc sites. I noticed the process responsible for that part is mscifapp.exe. But if you terminate it it comes back again after about 5 seconds. But because I am able to terminate it in the 1st place I'm sure any prog which can keep it blocked will work. I could just remove it from startup but then people would know someone had been messing about with it. Note: I don't intend to use it to break rules I just want to check my Yahoo E-mail! (It blocks lots of 'OK' sites) oh and it has to be portable so I can use it from my Flash Drive Cheers
  7. I am looking for a freeware portable program that can terminate a process and keep it terminated, ie prevent itself from loading up again. Thanks
  8. This has been mentioned before but I would like to see a portable version of CCleaner which can be run from USB flash drives. I could make good use of that.
  9. Sorry for asking a dumb question but where can I find a version history that shows you bug fixes etc?
  10. Hamish+


    Try pressing the Print Scrn button as soon as the error message appears, then open Paint and go to Edit-Paste. You could have a virus or something that is loading at startup and rebooting your computer. Might be worth asking at the Spyware removal board for help. Formatting may not even be necessary
  11. Yes there are about 30 nicknames for them, call it whatever you want, but USB Flash Drive is the official name. 'Memory Stick' is in fact a Sony Trademark, so no manufacturer will be able to give their product that name. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USB_flash_drive
  12. here in the UK I know loads of people that call them memory sticks, some of them even consider themselfs "good with computers"
  13. When someone dies their heart stops so all the blood in their body goes straight down due to gravity, and people who have been hanged are in an upright position. The blood goes down and fills up to about waist level, hence the legs and penis being full of blood. Bet you didn't know that ;-)
  14. If you said memory stick you are wrong! USB Flash Drive is the official name. Flash drives and memory sticks are completely different things! http://www.geocities.com/shooeymooey/flash...memorystick.jpg
  15. I have a laptop with WinXP installed, but I don't have the original disk (I do know the product key tho), but it is a legal copy of windows it was bought pre-installed. It only has one partition. I understand to create partitions you need a WinXP disk right? If I can get a copy of the disk, can I use it to create more partitions? WITHOUT interfereing with all the stuff on the partition I already have? (Hard drive has plenty space) cheers
  16. (Win 2000 pro SP2, Pentium4 1.3Ghz) I currently have 128MB of RAM and despretly need more as I have broadband internet and like to listen to music, use p2p programs, play games etc I want to buy more and try to install it myself. I know I need: RIMM (RAMBUS), PC800, 400Mhz or better, width: 16bit My slots are: 1: 64MB 2: 64MB 3: - 4: - I look on Ebay and I see stuff like: 256MB Rambus RIMM PC800 ECC Memory 800-45 RDRAM 1GB pc800-40 Rambus What the hell does ECC mean and how do I know if mine is 40 or 45? And how do I know if it's 184 or 232 pin? Everest Home edition never told me that? And do RIMMs need to be installed in pairs? ie if I wanted to add more would I have to populate slots 3 and 4 with the same capacity module? Thanks
  17. If you can't get rid of it try removing all norton entries from your startup list and forgetting about it. And use one that doesn't ask for money like AVG or avast
  18. I heard about partitions but I'v got a problem. I only have one partition (with my OS) and I don't have the windows CD. Is it possible to add another partition without disrupting whats on this one?
  19. Try talking it back if you still have the receipt. My friend has their case unit on the floor and front USB ports, and I accidently kicked my Flash drive and the cover came off. It clicked back on but then didn't work so I took it back and pretended it just stopped working :-)
  20. I would also like to see a "portable" version of CCleaner to carry around on USB flash drives. Someone said that CCleaner is so small you could just take the installer and install it. But what if you were on say a library or college, and you checked your e-mails and maybe even bought something with your credit card? The computer will probably be logged on as a limited user restricting you from installing stuff.
  21. Hi out of curiosity is it safe to delete everything that shows up (after making backup) or only things which I recognize? What is the worst that could happen? At the moment I only delete entries which relate to a program I put on myself, if it looks windows related I just leave it.
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