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  1. From today I stop using Defraggler in the hopes of it'll be fixed in the near future because unfortunately it is useless at te moment. The defragmentation algorythm for manual defragmentation on big drives is heavily faulty. The calculations keep maxing out the CPU and the actual file read/write can actually be as low as a couple kilobytes/seconds. For example it takes about 20 seconds to defragment a 4096 kilobyte big file with an average of 4 framgents per files on a drive which is capable of writing for up to 80 megabytes/seconds. Ridiculous. I don't remember having this kind of problem when I first started Defraggler a long time ago. Please fix this. Edit: v1.20 seems to be fine and fast unlike new versions.
  2. Few more things: let us schedule not just drives, but even folders (all files in a certain folder) and the reason to this is that I use my web browser almost all the time and its cache is always becoming a mess in less than a day. And by mess I mean 300+ fragments in 10-30 MB files. Scheduling defrag on the whole drive is taking too long because it's a big partition, but defraging those cache files is taking like 1-2 minutes. So an automatic defrag schedule in every couple hours would be great. Or as an alternative, after a certain amount of time the user is idle, an automated defragmentation would start (like screensaver).
  3. Allow to move file(s) to the end of the drive from File List.
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