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  1. Hurray! I found version 1.36.430 on my computer so I can go back till it's fixed.
  2. Is it cleaning your "most recently used documents"? My Adaware program is picking up more MRUD's than it used to since the upgrade.
  3. I agree that religion is man made. But that has nothing to do with the Bible or the existence of God. Act 17:22 Then Paul stood in the midst of Mars' hill, and said, "Ye men of Athens, I perceive that in all things ye are too religious." deisidaimonesteros Nowhere does God command religion.
  4. I'm impressed, lokoike. Not only are you a generally funny guy, but you make damn good sense.
  5. tsepha

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    I'm very interested in security, could you tell me why? I have denied all Internet access to the program. What (free) player would you recommend?
  6. Alternatives to Nero? I suppose Augustus was good because he was the first. Diocletian I like because he appeared in a second season episode of Inspector Gadget in 1985. Gellius Maximus, Pupienus Maximus, Magnus Maximus, Just Plain Maximus, and Petronius Maximus are great because they have the word "Maximus" in their name.
  7. I am with rridgely, who is with andavari. So, vicariously, you could say that I'm with andavari. Of course, the term "with" can have a wide variety of applications, and the context must be taken into consideration. For instance, I am not suggesting that I am rridgely's roommate, or andavari's, assuming that rridgely is a substitute for andavari. But I digress. I'm happy with all the poop on my system. I don't think I've ever had spyware or adware on it.
  8. When I first got my own computer back in 2000, I thought that Gator was a good idea. To make matters worse, I installed it.
  9. Batman, the Dark Knight 67% Neo, the "One" 58% The Amazing Spider-Man 50% Captain Jack Sparrow 50% The Terminator 46% Maximus 46% Lara Croft 42% El Zorro 42% Indiana Jones 42% William Wallace 38% James Bond, Agent 007 38%
  10. tsepha


    I tried Microsoft AntiSpyware Beta for a few months and it never found anything. Then I encountered some sort of software conflict and I uninstalled it. But if it helps, then by all means keep it. Better safe than sorry. Some might say that I overkill, but I have A?, A? HiJack Free, Adaware, Spybot S&D, HiHack This, SpywareBalster, and SpywareGaurd. And that's just for the spyware, I'm running AVG for antivirus and an old version of Zone Alarm.
  11. tsepha


    I've been using A? for a long time, it does seem to take a while, and it hasn't found anything in over a year. It could be because I don't have anything, but I'd really like to try Ewido. ----------------- Edit to add: I tried the Ewidow micro scan, downloaded it, ran it, it downloaded the definitions and scanned. I'm either doing something wrong, or I have no malware.
  12. Well, I've been doing some "Googling"...some people have more memory problems than others. I just came from a forum where a guy listed 48 extensions and no problems. http://forums.pcworld.co.nz/archive/index.php/t-55290.html (scroll down some) I only have 1GB of RAM. But i do other things, like keep my HD clean with CCleaner , defragment my registry, disable unnecessary Windows Services, all that basic stuff. And it doesn't always take 8 seconds. If I've just finished playing a high-end game, or after rebooting. But certainly less than 10 seconds all the time, sometimes less than 5. For instance, I just logged off, closed Firefox, and opened it up again and it took less than five seconds. And I got Yahoo! IM running, and ZA, and AVG, and SpywareGaurd.
  13. i don't have problems with loading or speed.
  14. I love Firefox. Enabled Extensions: (48) About site 0.4 Adblock Plus Add Bookmark Here 0.5.5 Add N Edit Cookies All-In-One Sidebar 0.6.4 BBCode Bork Bork Bork! 1.2 ColorZilla Confuscator! 0.4.2 CustomizeGoogle 0.43 Download Embedded 0.2 DownThemAll! FirefoxView 0.31.2 firefusk 1.2 Firesomething 1.7.0 Flashblock 1.5.1 Hammer Time 0.9.7 IE Tab 1.0.8 ListZilla 0.7 Littlefox Menu Editor 1.2 Modify Headers 0.5.1 NoScript Nuke Anything Enhanced 0.53 Open Profile Folder 1.1.3 Options Menu 1.0rc2 PopupSound 0.1.4 Public IP 0.3 Read Easily 1.0.2 Redirect Remover 1.1 Resize Search Box 0.0.7 Save Image in Folder 0.7.3 Save Link in Folder 0.9.3 Search Button 0.4.10 Search Engine Ordering 0.5.2 SecurePassword Generator 0.5.3 Server Spy 0.1.1 ShowIP Simple Clear Button 1.1.03 SpiderZilla 1.5.3 Split Link 1.55.1 Tab Mix Plus Talkback TargetKiller 0.3 Translate US Department of Homeland Insecurity Idiocy Level VerifyURL 0.4 Web Developer 1.0.2 Disabled Extensions: (1) Nightly Tester Tools Maybe I'll look into that "Disable Targets for Download". "Target Killer" is supposed to do the same but sometimes it doesn't.
  15. tsepha

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    I just made a new one. I can only stay with one desktop a few weeks or so...
  16. I dn'ot thnik you folks utdnresnad jsut how iortpnmat peopprr gearmmr and slelinpg is. (I've got the Confuse! extenion for Firefox)
  17. The Olympics are on? I don't watch reality TV.
  18. I tried the 1.27.255 beta, and it work like a well-oiled machine ?. I should note that it is my experience with installations that help me avoid unwanted compnents, choosing "Custom Installs" over ""Standard (Recommended)" installs. Of course, the publicity here helped too! ___________________ 1. New Users, this is a figure of speech. Please do not pour oil into your chasis (the box with the computer stuff inside of it).
  19. The trojans wouldn't dare go near this avatar:
  20. tsepha

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    With my "knowledge", I can make a theme with quite a few limitations. I had to use Resource Hacker to add the picture to the Startup Background to the Style XP theme I downloaded. The icons I made myself using a progam called "Liquid Icon". IE Calamity = Internet Explorer; rather than making a shortcut and using a custom icon for the shortcut, I went into the registry and changed the default IE icon. It also required a registry tweak to change the name of the Recycle Bin to "poop". The background image is a "Web Item". I learned that when you use a .jpg image as a background, Windows creates a duplicate in your profile as a .bmp, and uses that. So you're not saving the memory that you think you are. But adding a .jpg as a web item keeps the original .jpg
  21. tsepha

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    Thanks! I little thing called Style XP with Resource Hacker, a few registry tweaks...I love it!
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