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  1. Hello, My first post is always valid with CCleaner 5.75 and Windows 10 (20H2). But, I have a solution to deal with this memory consumption : killing the Explorer(s) process(es) with the Task Manager. This action stops the elevated memory consumption and CCleaner continue to works fine with secure erase function.
  2. Hello, I want to know if there is problem with secure erase files functionality (not the unused space of a partition) of CCleaner 5.74 when there is thousands of files (size 100 à 500 kB) to erase. Actually, under Windows 10 Pro 64bit (v.2004) with a core i7-10700K and 64 GB of RAM, I want to secure erase 18 000 files and I have a process "explorer.exe" who rise to 64 GB and a few seconds after : dark screen (but my display device is not in energy safe position)... Under Windows 7 Ultimate Pro 64bit with my 8 years old configuration (core i7-2600 with 32 GB of RAM), sometimes I had secure erased up to more 50 000 files without problem. Is it CCleaner usage with Windows 10 or a potential bug of secure erase files with CCleaner 5.74 ? Many thanks for your answer (and sorry for my bad english). Best regards.
  3. Me too ! It's very unpleasant to have an option who don't care of the user's choice !! After the irrelevant change of presentation results on spring 2018, CCleaner's UI evolutions become painful. Best regards, Pascal
  4. Hello, I am interested to know what options to unselect in IE parameters of CCleaner (for newer versions of CCleaner 5.22) to avoid the "misfunctionning" due to the new IE storing data (in others words : is all IE data affected by this new storage method ?). Kill IE manually is a bit dangerous, some third party softwares use elements of IE for some functions : for exemple Kaspersky Internet Security to update bases and modules. Thanks a lot.
  5. +1 Perfect (nearly) soft but, horrible UI... what a pity !
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