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  1. Thou doth protesteth too much. All settings which harvest data should off by default. Very sneaky having them on from installation. There should be a prominent prompt as soon as installation starts, giving the option to opt in, if you so desire, or decline.
  2. Thanks to trium for directing me to this post after I posted about this very issue. I too prefer the advanced view as default.
  3. Thank you trium. I have reinstalled 5.40 in the meantime until the option to change the default is introduced in a future version.
  4. In previous versions the Advanced results showed by default. In the latest version a simplified summary shows by default and you now have to click a link for advanced results. How can I set CCleaner to show advanced results by default avoiding the extra click?
  5. Same problem in both Windows 7 starter edition on notebook and windows 7 home premium 64 bit on laptop. Big problem as check for update link is off the screen in netbook. Would be ideal if someone can advise a fix for this?
  6. Please could you make monitoring and pop up messages off by default in the next version so you don't have to go into settings to uncheck them. Good practice is opt in rather than opt out. Thanks.
  7. Could you add the following feature, please. A feature which shows you data files and their sizes on your pc and also duplicated files in order to remove them to free up space. cheers.
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