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  1. Subject pretty well covers this...is there ever a need to manually update the winapp.ini file ? Thanks....TiminAz
  2. Thanks to all...finally got it all cleaned up....been using REVO for years...yes...it's a great program....had to also do a little registry search and destroy to get rid of all entries...thanks again to all... TiminAz
  3. Well...no joy so far...there's no "detect" or detectkey entries....here's the entries just for Opera in winappini : [Opera - Internet Cache] ID=2006 LangSecRef=3027 LangRef=3161 Default=True SpecialDetect=DET_OPERA SpecialKey1=N_OPERA_CACHE [Opera - Internet History] ID=2007 LangSecRef=3027 LangRef=3162 Default=True SpecialDetect=DET_OPERA SpecialKey1=N_OPERA_HISTORY [Opera - Cookies] ID=2008 LangSecRef=3027 LangRef=3102 Default=True SpecialDetect=DET_OPERA SpecialKey1=N_OPERA_COOKIES [Opera - Download History] ID=2342 LangSecRef=3027 LangRef=3163 Default=True Spe
  4. This is what happens with command prompt: Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601] Copyright © 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. C:\>"c:\program files\ccleaner64.exe" /export '"c:\program files\ccleaner64.exe"' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. C:\> Never mind...found my errors file created
  5. I have a number of applications that have been removed from my PC over time but they still show up in CCleaner "Applications" window. How can I remove these programs that are no longer installed on my PC ie: Opera, McAfee A/V, Picasa...etc Thanks....TiminAz
  6. For some reason I have McAfee Antivirus in my Applications/Application list ? I don't believe I ever installed McAfee on this system...have always used Bitdefender on this machine. How do I remove an item from CCleaners Applications list ? Ver 4.04.4197 Thanks...TiminAz
  7. Under Applications-Applications I have an check box for McAfee Antivirus ? Best of my knowledge I never installed McAfee...have always used Bitdefender IS. How do you remove an item from the CCLeaner Applications/Applications settings ? Thanks....TRinAz
  8. Looked in the on-line documentation but there's nothing listed for the latest addition to "options"....what exactly does "Stop VSS when defragging NTFS volume" due? and, also on the Win 7 Pro 64bit machine...the option to "Enable Shell Extensions" is also grayed out...can I get this option working in Win 7 Pro 64bit ? Thanks....TiminAz
  9. My trusty Defraggler will no longer allow me to setup 'boot time defrag' ? I get the pop up window attached...have tried to run defraggler64.exe every which way possible as administrator but same message appears ? I "think" this started after the latest update. Running Defraggler dfsetup210.exe ( version V2.10.413 ) How do I get Defraggler running at boot time again ? Thanks....TRinAz
  10. Recently I began getting this file showing up as 10-13 percent fragmented. It doesn't seem to matter whether I exempt system files in options or not. Is there a way to defrag hiberfil.sys and or get it not so show as "fragmented" ?
  11. Does using CCleaner 's "wipe free space" have any cause/effect on later running Defraggler to optimize your drive ? Any relationship between Defraggler Advanced 'Defrag Free Space' and/or 'Defrag Free Space/Allow fragmentation' and CCleaner Wipe Free Space option ? Docs: "By defragmenting the free space on your hard drive, you will improve Windows' performance when writing new files. You'll also help prevent new files from being fragmented. To defragment the free space on your hard drive: In the Drive section at the top of the Defraggler window, right-click the drive to defragment,
  12. Can someone explain why in my drive map(s) when using Defraggler that the map shows a whole lot of "free space" between blocks of defragged data as in defrag_blocks.jpg ?? and, why is "enable shell extensions" greyed out on my options/advanced panel as in defrag-options.jpg ? Defraggler v2.08.373 (64-bit) Thanks...TRinAZ
  13. Yes...these are two consecutive debug/3 logs requested originally by Hazelnut above. They are/were too large to upload to the forum. Since there was no response initially to my above on the log size issue post...I figured no one had an answer so I tried again in Debug forum. Please remove that topic and as you requested we will continue here. Attached is the debug /1 log...it appears to me that it has something do do with selecting "move large files to end of drive" option. I can get Defraggler to run OK after removing all custom options and defragging 2 or 3 times...including a coupl
  14. Ran /debug3 per earlier post in this topic...running regular debug now....Thanks
  15. The last two versions of Defraggler have caused an ongoing issue with my Win 7 Pro 64bit system. I regularly get a pop up saying "A problem has caused Defraggler to stop working" This seems to be related with the new options on the Options/Advanced setting...particularly regarding either or both the VSS option and/or the "use custom fragmenting settings" This appears to be conflicting with the "Move Large Files"in Options/Defrag Have attached 2 debug/3 zip files showing both a complete defrag and the "stopped working" defrag/3 when the "Move Large Files" option is selected Any i
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