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  1. Thanks Miroku444, I have successfully placed the latest file in my CCleaner installation folder and it is working a treat! Absolutely fascinating. Thank you very much for your prompt and 'plain English' answer. Very much appreciated. Cheers, bdh
  2. Thanks for the prompt reply Atom & Back_Track, I'm still a bit unsure of what I need to actually do to apply this Winapp2 file to my setup. From what I've read I must place the .ini file in the CCleaner folder. However I can't seem to find anything clearly identified as the latest version to download. The latest I found was June - surely this can't be the current version? I've found different links/things emanating from this Piriform site but some of them have different amounts of text in them (simple updates?). I even found a zip file here but that didn't have any program info in it. For a non-techy this is just too hard. Is it meant to be so geekish people like me are precluded from having the best? Can anyone please actually point me to a simple download with the latest full ini file, a place I can go to to check often for the latest version? Or is this only the exclusive realm of the mysterious CCenhancer? Somebody please put me out of my misery! Cheers, bdh.
  3. Hi all, I'm relatively new here but have used CCleaner for years happily. A lot of the content of this thread has gone over my head but I think it is the right thread in which to ask my question, as it looks like you guys are the 'creme de la creme' of the gurus here. I came across a mention of a free product called CCenhancer which I understand 'turbocharges' CCleaner. My questions are: is it safe, do you guys use it, does it work? I know it is not officially endorsed by Piriform but it looks to give CCleaner support for another 170 or so programs in terms of cleanup. BTW, is this 'winapp2.ini' file mentioned in this thread updated each time I update CCleaner? I think so but just want to check. From my reading here I should update it even more frequently than a regular CCleaner update. Is CCenhancer meant to replace this 'winapp2.ini' file or complement it? As you can see I'm a bit confused. Sorry if this isn't relevant here or off topic. Thanks for your patience. Cheers, bdh P.S: I did do a search for CCenhancer on this forum but nothing came up. Hope I did the search properly!
  4. Thanks again Nergal - you are a regular font of info (IMNOVHO)!! Cheers, bdh.
  5. Thanks WebAtom and Norel, Info much appreciated. Guess I'll download V3. Thanks again - bdh.
  6. Yes, I'd like to agree with Merk's comments. I have so far resisted downloading version 3 as the list of improvements don't seem to offer much for my XP system. Can someone say I am wrong on this - confirm? I would also be worried, based on Merks comments, that my "good" cookie list in my current version might be lost and I would have to rebuild painfully. Anyone know if my fears are well founded? Thanks, bdh. BTW- 'Aqua' - what on earth is "vercookie"???
  7. Thanks heaps Nergal, That's something of which I was totally unaware. I only now just noticed when I went looking that, in CCleaner under the cookies section in options, it does indeed mention flash cookies. SHAME on PCMag.com charging for the tool when they should know better when they could simply recommend CCleaner to their readership! Unbelievable. Someone with a bit more clout than I have should post something somewhere about this to hold them to account in a public forum!! Maybe a suggestion for CCleaner's next version could be to clearly label Flash cookies and other cookies so we can see which is which? BTW Negral, what does IMNOVHO mean? (In My - - - Humble Opinion?) - what's the NOV? Even googling doesn't give me this one! Must be a customised Nergal effort! Cheers, and thanks, bdh
  8. Hi all, My first post here so be gentle . . . I've been using CCleaner for ages and really have to say thank you very much to the creators. It's a wonderful prog. I would just like to ask you about a program that PCMag.com is offering their subscribers called "Flash Cookie Cop". It is not free, they want to charge for it. Apparently they state that nothing currently controls or deletes these Falsh Cookies, except this new prog - is that true?! If it is any good or if it does what it says I was wondering if there are any plans to integrate something like this into CCleaner? I'd really like to know these answers as their prog 'seems' ok to me but if Piriform does/or will do the same thing one day soon I'll wait for that. Here's the URL FYI: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2371176,00.asp Thanks and best regards from good 'ol Sydney Australia.
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