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  1. Tried a defrag using the BitDefender Total Security 2011 Defragment tool with same result so seems to be an OO problem. I will post again in OO Forum. Thanks for your feedback Hulk.
  2. I have also posted in the Open Office forum just in case this is so. I have had no problems with OO up to now. It just seemed to arise with Defraggler. I will attempt a defrag with a different programme tonight and will post result tomorrow.
  3. When doing a defrag overnight, using v1.21.209, the HDD filled up completely and was then I was informed there was not enough free space. The file at C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\OpenOffice.org\3\user\crashdata\crashdat.stk (part of OOO 3.2)finished up at 220Gb!!!. Please advise.
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