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  1. I checked my system tray but cannot see any related icons to Google. However even when I close Google Chrome there are still 20 instances of Chrome in my Task Manager and I just cannot 'end task' on them as they keep creating the process again. I disabled the sync on my mobile phone to see if that will help but it didn't. I haven't ran my PC in Safe Mode for a while now but when I next do I will try the cleaner again and update you accordingly. Thanks
  2. I have a sync between my Android phone and my laptop. If my smartphone is switched off should this still be a problem? Also, I have unticked that box in settings.
  3. There seem to be a ton of Chrome processes when I open Task Manager - even though I am not explicitly running Chrome. As suggested, I unticked the "running background tasks" box in settings but in spite of this the processes still appear in Task Manager. One by one I tried to "end task" in Task Manager but when I did this Chrome keeps coming back on the list!
  4. When I press the button Run CCleaner it scans and cleans everything but Google Chrome. I see this on the results page every time. It doesn't bother me because you gave me a free, helpful app to use. Though for your own information I decided to write to you. Thanks, Ronald
  5. Hello, What does the bit version of my PC have to do with it? I am running 64 bit. For my understanding please explain the difference it could make? Your second suggestion is quite likely the solution. I have been upgrading Firefox from within a pop up that I see. i have never uninstalled then done a clean install. Clicking the pop up is just so much easier? Hmm, the laptop I was using I was returning to a friend and was not specifically sensitive. I was just flagging this for the benefit of the community, really. It is a shame there is no easier way than what you have suggeste
  6. Thanks for the response. I always close my web browsers before I run a cleaner. I am not sure about Adobe being ticked. What is the default? I know that not doing so compromises the clean. I run Windows 7. I have the version 13 of Firefox and the 3.21.1767 version of CCleaner.
  7. Hello, I don't think it is right to complain because your program is free and I am grateful for that. Just so you know, I wanted to delete the passwords in the web browser of the laptop I was returning to a friend. I was using the option in the clean to delete saved passwords but the passwords were still there in Firefox for instance. I just went and deleted them manually in the tools, options section of the website. Best wishes, Ronald
  8. I've just been following this thread with interest as I had the same thing happen to me and a google search of my problem sent me here. I have followed all the steps above. However unlike the original poster I did not have that Side View thing. Also I am certain WMP is not running in the background when I run Ccleaner (I ran Ccleaner as an admin too). Going into WMP I went to tools options and privacy to 'clear cache' and 'clear history' there. It did not stop "resume last playlist" from returning my previous video. I right click WMP in the Win7 taskbar to ask it to call up my last playlis
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