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  1. I think dropping windows 2000 IS INTENTIONAL. A lot of defragmenters with boot time defrag still work on w2k(Raxco PerfectDisk, Ultradefrag, o&o). They must use the new VisualStudio wich actually drop w2k support. @ Nergal Please speak for yourself. Personally I consider w2k more mature, less resources hungry and bundled with less garbages than XP, Vista or 7. Just the stuff you need to work with some garbage around.
  2. How big can be the differences between Windows 2000 and XP? Basically the defragmentation API wich Defraggler uses is the same(or backward compatible) Why to drop this very robust OS wich is w2k? I am sure this can be done with a minimum efort if The Team really want this. There are still others programs to defrag a drive wich don't force you to change your OS to use the newest version. Sounds like MirkoSloft has inspired most of the programmers to force upgrading, why not to Vista or 7. Hope this don't apply HERE, so please, TEAM, don't drop w2k, it is still used by 'some guys' and does well his job.
  3. I get this message: "This application requires Windows XP or later to run" It's not an error message
  4. Got the 2.0 today and not working on my w2k machine. I know MicroS... dropped w2k but this is not a reason for the NON-microsoft developers to drop support for it in their applications. For the w2k lovers, please keep support for this stable OS! Should be not so difficult. Please !
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