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  1. That would be it, yep. I had hoped to start gathering snapshots of the computers that I built, but that doesn't seem to work very well.
  2. Ah, I guess I was the less knowledgeable one there, then.
  3. Log file is attached. It did create a .dmp file, but it was empty. Speccy_log1_06_19128-10-2010_20-8.txt Also, your instructions don't work for Windows XP. The run bar does not understand folders with spaces in them. Instead, you have to open a command prompt and type the command in. Just FYI for when you're dealing with less knowledgeable folks.
  4. Of the four computers I've run it on, only one has this issue. It's able to scan the OS, the CPU, the motherboard, the optical drives, and the audio, but the computer completely hard locks before it is able to complete. Graphics it can sometimes see, but sometimes I get an error stating "The specified service has been marked for deletion." RAM and Hard Drive remain "Analyzing..." until I reset the computer. I've tested the RAM with Memtest86+ and the hard drive with chkdsk, neither have any errors.
  5. When attempting to load a snapshot from another computer, I get the message "Error loading data: Incorrect Speccy data file", and the snapshot does not load. Both computers are running version 1.06.191. The snapshot is from a 32-bit OS (XP, SP3), while the one trying to read it is running a 64-bit OS (Windows 7 Ultimate).
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