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  1. Windows XP Pro SP-3

    CCleaner 3.17.1689


    Another user of CCleaner noted that MalwareBytes was listed under Cleaner -> Applications -> Utilities. I also have MalwareBytes but it isn't listed in CCleaner. He has lots of utilities listed but I only have 3 utilities listed (7-zip, Avast, and Winpatrol). I can see using SysInternals' Procmon that ccleaner.exe is doing a RegQueryKey under the HKCU\Software and HKLM\Software registry keys and finding all those software entries but very few get listed.


    Does CCleaner query the Software registry keys to find what software is installed but only list those for which it knows how to clean? That is, I would think CCleaner would only do cleanup on what it knows is proper cleanup. After all, just because there's an entry in the Software registry for an application doesn't mean CCleaner knows how to clean it up or that there is anything to cleanup. However, MalwareBytes can save logfiles under the "%userprofile%\Application Data\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\Logs" folder.


    So I'm wondering why some users (with the same software installed) see more entries under the Utilities section in CCleaner than am I.




    Just post the list of software that is missing on your machine and we will see if it is possible to detect non standard installation locations for them :)

  2. Hi Guys


    Hardware failure in the Invisionboard server room. Whole machine went away so they moved our forum to another. Unfortunately they had to use the last backup they had (and they're done per daily basis, so that's the reason for the rollback)


    Advanced users might notice that the IP of the forum has changed because the DNS had to be updated.


    Sorry for the problems, not our fault :(

  3. Hi


    We usually try to release the SLIM build about 2-3 days after the main release.


    This time the release of CCleaner coincided with the forum problems we're having and the change in the Downloads section so it took us a little longer.


    We apologize for that and we'll try not to keep you waiting next time :)

  4. Hi Guys


    The Invision Power Services who host our forums are migrating from dedicated servers to cluster solution.


    In the process of moving our forum to the new location something went wrong on their side.


    We have spent the whole day working on restoring it but unfortunately we had to use the yesterdays backup.



    We apologize for the inconvenience but the good news is forum is back online and we hope there will be no problems in the future :)

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