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  1. This has been reported. Our legal team is working on bringing them down
  2. We'll see whether we can improve the detection
  3. Hi Just post the list of software that is missing on your machine and we will see if it is possible to detect non standard installation locations for them
  4. Hi emmjay Yes, we had the Application Control checked
  5. Hi Can you tell me how deleting projects.ini differs from cleaning MRUs in other software?
  6. Big players report it as clean so I'd rather trust them than the small ones
  7. Hi Guys That rule handles files from these folders: ~/Library/Caches /Library/Caches /private/var/folders/.../-Caches-/
  8. Hi Guys Some of the issues might be caused by the IP change. Can anyone confirm the issues with the flash uploader with DNS and all browser caches cleaned?
  9. Hi Guys Hardware failure in the Invisionboard server room. Whole machine went away so they moved our forum to another. Unfortunately they had to use the last backup they had (and they're done per daily basis, so that's the reason for the rollback) Advanced users might notice that the IP of the forum has changed because the DNS had to be updated. Sorry for the problems, not our fault
  10. Can anyone confirm it happens only in old versions of Firefox?
  11. Hi Guys, could any of you provide me with detailed steps to recreate because I have not observed this yet
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