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  1. Hi Why isn't there a native 64bits build of Ccleaner whereas there is one for both Recuva and Deffragler? cheers
  2. all right... stupid me... in French, the translation for the first jump-list action is not very accurate, which is why I missed it thanks for the tip
  3. Hi It would be great to have the ability to launch a cleanup from the jump-list directly without opening up CCleaner. It should be easy to do as it already exists when you right click the recycle bin. Cheers PS: Will there ever be a native x64 CCleaner?
  4. hi everyone any news as to whether this is possible?
  5. no problem... I found it annoying to have the shortcuts deleted every time I run Ccleaner anyway to know if any of the devs think it's a good idea? I was wondering by the way why ccleaner which seems to be fully compatible with windows 7 x64 gets installed into the Program Files (x86) folder...
  6. Hi I've been using ccleaner for years now without any problems. But I feel the jumplist support for windows seven could be a little more precise. here is my point : in win 7, jumplists are made up of, from bottom to top : a couple of frequent actions (open close etc) then a "recent" pannel and finally a "pinned" pannel. Although cleaning the "recent" pannel is a totally legitimate ccleaner action, I don't understand why the pinned files or folders or programs get deleted. if you've put them there, it's that you want quick access to them. so if there's an easy way of seperating the two,
  7. Hi I've been using Ccleaner for years now without problem, and I only discovered the option to wipe free space today. I tried it out, and then checked with TuneUp Undelete if indeed every deleted file had disappeared.. and I got quite a scare... well first off I was surprised to see that I could find more than 6000 files. But that wasn't the worst of it... I started browsing through the list, and a lot of the files seemed to be webpages. what scared me was the name of the websites (they were all inside folders named after a website)... there was a lot of porn, dating websites, stuff life l
  8. Hi all I have moved my firefox cache to a seperate partition to avoid fragmenting my hard drive. CCleaner now refuses to clean the cache, even when i've added "T:\firefox\cache\*.*" to the list of files to be cleaned. I think it's because cache files don't have an extension, and thus *.* doesn't correspond. but i can't change the *.*... I don't know if this can be helped... thanks in advance.
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