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  1. How steady are your hands? Try this, Its a maze to test your steady hand skills! they say u make a good marksmen if u can get to level 5 gl http://www.winterrowd.com/maze/
  2. ermm wtf 48 rofllll carnt be to acurate
  3. hey parvez nice wall apper u got a link?
  4. longest i ever left my cpu on was for 3 days my m8 has left his cpu on for weeks since i have reformated this is my stats 1d 6h 5m 15s set on Fri Mar 17 23:25:19 2006
  5. only time i turn my cpu off is when i go to bed i uasly leave it on all day althou my eletricty bil is huge this year
  6. ^^ dose n e 1 know what they are for and if i really need them if not ill disable them C:\WINDOWS\htpatch.exe erm only this 1 atm
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