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  1. I've tried to install Ccleaner in safe mode, but i get the same message. Rapport; CCListbar, Run-time error "0", AppVer: 1.27.0242, Modname: Unknown ModVer: Offset: 773b62fb What can i do to fix this problem??
  2. I'm using windows XP prof./windows firewall/AVG anti virus
  3. I have installed the VB 6.0, but it do'nt give a solution for my problem. The message "CCListbar" Run-time error '0' is always there. How can i fix this problem? I've tried to instal ccsetup 127b1
  4. Ihave a problem with opening Ccleaner. The message is: CClistbar Run-time error '0'. I've tried to instal the download VB 6.0 from the windows update site. When i will instal this download, they asked where i will put this download VB 6.0. I don't know where to instal this part.
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