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  1. Great. Now with those windows updates which automatically restart you?re system if you don?t postpone (max 4 hours) it (only option) will reboot your system. Now there's 28% defragmentation. Where do I find the restore point/file? A quick reply would be greatly appreciated. Btw. Now I only defragged the defragged files which went a whole lot quicker (less than an hour I think) but my hdd is still 28% defragmentated.
  2. I don't think there are any files in that folder created by defraggler. But it would help if you told me what the filname is. There are just a bunch of log files. Systemfolder was protected and I couldn't got in first so I had to change that. Maybe that's why there is no restore point? I'm using Win7 x64 btw.
  3. You act like I can't solve my problem. Of course it is obvious what you are saying. But hey, why not just delete everything I have that could work? All I was asking is why defraggler seem to have a problem with it and the two other apps I have don't. If anyone knows let me know.
  4. Two other defrag apps I have seem to work fine though. I used UltimateDefrag 2008 and the windows defrag program. So why does defragler has a problem with this?
  5. This bloody software is running for over 3 days straight now (I'm now at 79%; first 60 went ok then went really slow). It's using roughly 34% cpu power continually on my 3,2ghz quad core. There's only one disk in my system and I have roughly 3gb left (from a total of 1tb). I did read the message after pressing start that says it will take longer if you have this low amount of space left but still, this is just ridiculously slow. Any advice?
  6. I just used Defraggler for the first time and first I analyzed my (1tb) drive and it said 15% fragmentation. Then I clicked defrag and now 24 hours later it was only at 50%. I aborted and reanalyzed. Now the there's 19% fragmentation. How's this possible? Apparently for some reason I'm worse off then before. Please someone explain this to me.
  7. I read somewhere that once defragged it that the load in your ram will be lower (In my case 3MB). I don't know if the registry is being loaded in the ram so is this bullcrap as well? Thanks for the support btw.
  8. Why not? Secondly, I also use registry mechanic from pc tools which has an option to defrag the registry. The only problem is that after analyzing it, it displays it's 21% fragmentated and after continuing and rebooting and analyzing it again this time it says it's fragmentated 20%. So I figure either the software is crap or something is wrong.
  9. Does Defraggler defrag the registry?
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