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  1. Did you notice any activity in Task Manager? My process appears to stick at 42% on a 1TB disk and Task Manager shows no noticeable activity
  2. Hi, Just answered my question, to a degree. The Preview Extractor will produce a JPG from a corrupted NEF. Success,or not, is obviously dependent on the amount of corruption, but I have had good JPG results from NEF files that just showed multi coloured "snow". Any other suggestions gratefully received http://www.earthboundlight.com/phototips/nef-jpeg-preview-extractor.html Rgds
  3. pqr

    1TB Disks

    Hi, Tks - there are now 2 1TB disks which used to be part of 1 RAID. I had problems with the graphics card, but didn't know that was the problem so reset the CMOS, and lost the RAID Self-inflicted injuries :-( I have tried both disks individually - they are no longer a RAID, but both hang at 42%. Task Manager shows no activity. Would large AVI files cause "apparent" inactivity? I have some 30GB files - although I would have expected Task Manager to report CPU usage even if RECUVA is only reading the disk? Rgds
  4. Hi, I like RECUVA in the main, but as I am trying to recover two 1TB disks it would be very handy to be able to filter results by EXT, size, status etc. Adding columns and double clicking to sort would be good I hope this is not there already :-)
  5. Hi, Some of the files that are recovered, JPG / NEF, are viewable as thumbnails in Internet Explorer, IE, but do not open if double clicked or in Picasa, PSE9, IRFAN etc. Is there aything that can be done about those? The image eithers come up grey, sometimes with a strip of the original image, sometimes the image is just scrambled lines and "noise", sometimes just "INVALID IMAGE" on a black background. I have heard a JPG is stored within all NEF files so perhaps IE is showing that in some cases? If so is there a way to extract the JPG if the NEF is corrupted? Regards
  6. pqr

    1TB Disks

    Hi, I am trying to recover all files, using deep scan, on 2 1TB disks using RECUVA, raid corrupted by the Motherboard settings. The process, appears to hang at 42%. The progress bar stops but the time remaining gets longer. I have tried both disks several times. I have waited 8 hours or more with no apparent progress Is there a size limitation on the process? Regards
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