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  1. ive noticed the same problem saved form cleaning not working on cc v236 1233 chrome 6.0.472.63 win7
  2. does CCleaner clean opera 9.5 i cant find out if it does im sure ive posted this question before but it seems to have been removed
  3. i think opera 9.50 isnt cleaned by CCleaner yet as the location of operas cache has changed from the default location of c/docs an setting/userdata/application data / opera profile this location still exsists so cleaner detects operas install an it then cleans empty folders ive been looking an think ive discovered the new location where data is stored c/docs&settings/user/local setttings/application data/opera/profile/cache4 CCleaner just needs to add this path to its program
  4. maybe this will help these files were all in my operas cache after a simple overwrite nothings gone all is recoverable ive retested this with version 1.44 which does actually overwrite the cache complety
  5. cheers i aways close everything before i use CCleaner ive checked all what youve said about empty on exit but its still not completey overwriteing my opera cache
  6. ive recently been seraching for some missing files useing recuva an have noticed alot of my opera images from c/docs an setting/userdata/application data / opera profile /cache4 hasnt actually been securely deleted im only useing a simple one pass overwrite im just a bit puzzled i thought CCleaner would have got rid of them this is on xp wtih opera 9.27 an CCleaner 2.08 ive even tried manualy adding this folder in my custom clean it still doesnt do it has anyone else noticed this
  7. ive been useing 2.06 for a liitle while but ive noticed its not cleaning all files in the temp folder on xp forgot to untick the remove files older then 48hrs
  8. ive been useing CCleaner for a longtime i dont normaly think twice about updates but ive heard of problems with version 2 which version of CCleaner is the best version to use on xp which will clean as it should if i use the sercure overwrite it acutally does im still useing 1.41 thank you
  9. it deletes some files when i open registry mechanic it says unable to find 3 files please reinstall it i cant remember the names but it did it recently
  10. i cleaned thr hotfix uninstallers i then did a registry scan using reg mechanic it found 40 problems with my add remove programs this concerned me as i had to reinstall registry mechanic
  11. whats are they an are they safe to clean as it gave me 40 add remove programs registry problems after i did it when i did a scan with registry mechanic thanks for your help
  12. is their away to get my ccleaner to clean my recent programs opened list it would be nice when you have a complete clean thanks for any replys
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