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  1. Thank you very much for your help.
  2. I have bought a cheap tablet for occasional use and have limited storage, but would like Cleaner installed. How much room does CCleanerPro take up ?
  3. So you think 2959 posts gives you the right to be patronising and offensive ? I am a paying customer and for your information the licence key did work when I went back to the old version. My last word on this issue and I will not be renewing, Piriform won't go bust, but at least I won't feel as though someone is pissing all over me.
  4. Which really confirms the impression that Piriform has complete disregard for its customers.
  5. In response to some points made in earlier posts. I have the CCleaner Pro version, which I paid for, so feel at liberty to make any adverse comments I wish. Don't be misled by the small percentages of posts on here complaining, every CCleaner user I have spoken to hates the new look, most of them didn't even know this Forum existed and the others say they will just move to something else. Most of them, like me, moved away from Malwarebytes when they changed the look and I had the subscription version of that as well.
  6. Like many others I do not like the new face of C Cleaner Pro and wish to revert to version 4 , however the only versions I can find to download are version 5. Could someone please point me in the direction of a version 4 download.
  7. I have posted my question elsewhere.
  8. It looks like a beta test piece, a sort of economy offering , something an apprentice knocked up in their tea break. What a mess !!!! At least give us the option of having the old style back.
  9. Cranfield


    Thanks for the help, I will take the necessary action.
  10. Cranfield


    I have CCleaner Pro V4.16.4763 installed. I keep getting messages offering to clean as my Browser is shut down, plus other similar messages. I run the program when I shutdown at night, so there is no build up of volume to be cleaned and these messages are getting annonying. In Options > Advanced, there is the option to "Hide warning messages", is this the way to stop getting these messages, or are these different "warnings" ?
  11. I have now put the question in to the Support Team, but it does seem strange that the subscription expiry date is not available somewhere, which is what makes me think I have missed something.
  12. Having seen the answer to the post below, I see it is an annual subscription. How do I know when mine runs out ?
  13. I installed CCleaner quite a long time ago and have CCleaner Professional, currently V4.09.4471. I believe I must have paid for this,as it has the "Professional" label, but embarrassingly I can't remember. This has arisen because an email advising me of the latest update arrived this morning, promising goodies and offering a discount if I upgrade. Have I paid and is it a one off payment ? There is no "Account detail" shown on the PiriformCCleaner "box".
  14. I have downloaded and installed the latest version. It is improved somewhat, the cleaning process zooms to 43% in about 3 seconds, then stays there for 98 seconds , the reading is "Google Chrome Internet cache. Not quite as fast as pre Chrome, but fast enough. Thank you for the advice.
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