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  1. I have commented on this subject before however I have more to say. I am responsible for maintaining computers running different operating systems. I still have some Windows 2000 computers on my system. These remain on my system mostly because they are used to perform a specific task that does not require the use of a newer PC or operating system. I.E. one of these Windows 2000 computers is used for an intrusion detection device located outside our firewall. Windows 2000 actually works better than the newer MS operating systems for this specific function. With that said there are options with Windows 2000. If you do some research there are other free defragmenting programs that still work with Windows 2000. However, I find it completely acceptable to continue to use the older version of Defraggler on my older Windows 2000 computers. It isn't as though the older versions were crap. One last thing. Defraggler is a FREE program. Should we really be getting so upset that a newer version of a FREE program no longer supports an older operating system? Last time I checked, I was not out one penny when the new version of Defraggler was released. I am thankful for this free program, both the new and old versions. Keep up the good work Thanks
  2. For those looking to defragment the page file, Windows event logs, and registry hives Sysinternals has a free program called Pagedefrag. see the link below http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb897426.aspx
  3. I was also very disappointed to find that this new version does not work with Windows 2000. What's so great about this new version if it does not do what I need it to do? I have a few old Windows 2000 workhorses still around. If you expect me to upgrade the OS on these computers just so I can use your products, this is not going to happen. I guess I will just have to start using Ultra Defrag instead. I don't care for the interface as much but on the other hand I think it does a much better job of defragmenting a hard drive than Defraggler. Ultra Defrag even works with NT 4.0 and Windows 2000. Ultra Defrag can do just about anything Defraggler can do including boot time defragmenting. Mod Edit: You may complain that Defraggler does not do what you want it to do, but please do not post links to a competitor product.
  4. Using version 1.21.209 on an older Windows 2000 installation. While defragmenting a 3GB partition that has 45% free space Defraggler failed saying the drive was out of free space. There are no unusually large files on this partition. 1.7GB of drive in use, 1.3GB free. The MFT is about 72.64MB. Could this possibly be from the $UsnJrnl. I know this hidden system file can get heavily fragmented over time which will slow down a PC. Also, seems I can never get defragmentation much below 50% even after several attempts to defragment the drive using all of the available settings. I am logged in on the Administrator account. Any suggestions as to what may be happening?
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