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  1. Question: WHAT is a winapp2.ini file? I can see that it is a simple text file, apparently referenced by CCleaner, if located in the CCleaner folder. Does it have broader meaning or implications? Is it used by other apps? Or is this unique to CCleaner? Just curious.
  2. On my systems, typing in all upper case, or mixed case, makes no difference - nothing happens. Same result when I tried from the CCleaner folder, and from the root of C drive. I am running XP SP2, with all current patches, TrendMicro OfficeScan and Windows Defender. Over the last year or so, I have tried on several occasions to get the /AUTO parameter to work, to no avail. Could it possibly some kind of rights or permissions issue? I use the Security Configuration Analyzer (an MMC plug-in) and a security configuration template published by NSA, to harden my systems (disable anony
  3. If CCleaner is launched from the command line with any arguments, if runs normally. If launched from the command line with the "/Auto" argument, nothing happens. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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