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  1. This install keeps trying to install but always fails. This has been an ongoing problem and is really starting to get old. When is this going to stop reporting errors when I do the health option?
  2. It keeps reporting Google Backup and Sync out of date but I do not even have it installed. I even did a registry scan and no Backup and Sync located in Registry. So a false positive.
  3. Same problem here.. I have had well over 200 now of same type of emails. 3 batches so far I have deleted.
  4. I went into BIOS and checked my cpu temperature and it was at 54 degrees Celsius but Speccy reporting it as 108 degrees Celsius. Windows 10 ROG STRIX X470-F GAMING (AM4) AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Eight-Core Processor
  5. I personally quit using CCleaner to clean clients systems as it no longer looks professional but looks like something an 8 year old drew up on paper. Heck probably is. I also wear glasses and this awful awful GUI makes it an eye strain to try to look at. Gave up on it.
  6. New look remains crap and makes me remain with 4.19 where it was a PROFESSIONAL software and not crapware that the new UI is!
  7. Maybe calmer to you on the eyes but my mother does not have good vision and trying to TELL WHERE THE D@MN BUTTON IS ON A FLAT! Is not easier on the eyes but very stressful!
  8. I think these threads speak for themselves.. not a single thread have I seen a single developer feedback on the UGLY of the new UI. Since that means version 4 will be absolete soon I am hoping that Bleachbit gets the White list in for Cookies and I will not look back. When developers won't even comment in the thread about the opinions from users they are basically saying we are nothing but CRAP in there eyes and they don't care about the users at all. I have abandoned ship from several apps already where the companies have done this and looks like CCleaner will be another in my growing list of Apps I will no longer use or recommend to anyone. The original UI was a very professional and clean looking UI the new one is crap that reminds me of adware and malware interfaces. I like how the numbers shown are only for these forums.. there is many sites out there with users that say the interface is UGLY. http://www.ghacks.net/2014/11/15/first-look-at-ccleaner-5-0s-new-interface/ http://download.cnet.com/CCleaner/ http://www.davescomputertips.com/ccleaner-new-version-new-look/ http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/virus-spyware/f/3522/t/19608183?pi31449=2 http://www.dslreports.com/forum/r29669309-BETA-CCleaner-v5.0-is-now-available-in-Beta- (they actually locked the thread) http://malwaretips.com/threads/ccleaner-5-00-5050.38038/ There is more users than what is just on these forums.
  9. I can not understand why they went to such an ugly interface! This is a program used by many businesses and the last thing a real professional wants to see is a horrible UI! The old UI was perfect and fully functional! Fully native to windows keeping it's bulk down and looking like a professional interface.. AND NOT SOMETHING THAT LOOKS LIKE A FAKE ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE!!!!
  10. Well if they do not go back to the old UI than I will be moving to something like Bleachbit which is an opensource plain jane cleaner that is still better than this awful UI.
  11. I had to downgrade too since the new horrible flat metro kiddy UI.. Another great software ruined by horrible developers that think everything should look like it was designed for kids! Like Malwarebytes that I no longer use because of the horrible UI!
  12. Ugg.. this UI is very unprofessional looking! I hate flat on top of that! I can't barely tell what is a button anymore.. I have to go back to version 4 because this is a DEFINITE KIDDY DOWNGRADE! It looks like something for children and not a professional tool! I HATE METRO AND WILL NOT USE WINDOWS 8 BECAUSE OF IT THAN YOU SHOVE IT DOWN OUR THROATS WITH THIS DOWNGRADE! Get off the METRO kick! It's the worst ever interface now your following Microsoft with the crap! Give us an option to either use standard or metro interface! Because this version just plain sucks and destroys one of the best apps ever! Already lost one good app because of retarded GUI change which was Malwarebytes which I now will no longer use unless they release a business edition with original interface and new engine.
  13. They do not seem to be flash cookies. Problem cropped up again. Windows 7 32-bit IE 11 Ccleaner latest version Cookie list currently not deleted... chatango.com images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com local localhost s.ytimg.com static.wix.com suntrust.com So no these do not appear to be flash cookies. In fact it concerns me when sites like Suntrust still have cookies.
  14. The bug is that it's not deleting IE cookies. I go manually into IE which I do not use and delete the cookies and they disappear from CCleaner. CCleaner is not deleting the IE cookies is what it comes down to.. it's broken for IE cookies.
  15. This download links directly to the old version I already have installed.. The latest version is not on the site for download. http://www.filehippo.com/download_ccleaner As you can see it's the old version where can I actually download the new version?
  16. I barely use IE mainly Firefox but when I do a cleaning it shows cookies still to be cleaned. Tried everything but they still show as needing cleaned so I went into IE options in Control Panel and deleted all cookies. The cookies to be cleaned disappeared this tells me that for some reason CCleaner is not deleting all IE cookies.
  17. Ok I found the bug with it. The problem is even though I am ONLY using Firefox for my browser some old temporary internet files still existed for IE even though I reset it. So once manually deleted the cookies to clean is now empty. So the real issue is Ccleaner is not cleaning the Internet Explorer 9 cookies or temporary files at all.
  18. No I am not running any sort of cookie add-on at all. I tried to do something different and search for the cookies in Firefox that CCleaner is reporting needs to be deleted and none of them show in that list at all. So I looked for cookies that are in Firefox and should be deleted and did not see some of them. It appears that Ccleaner is not actually looking at the Firefox Cookies Database to see what needs to be deleted or not.
  19. I have several sites I have in the keep but all others are not being deleted at all. I can run and clean and than go back into cookies and it shows me cookies to be deleted still. It is not deleting cookies because if it was they would not be showing in the list as cookies to be deleted. As you can see by the attached image that the cookies are still showing as to be deleted and that is after running it twice. Latest version 4.03.4151 Firefox 18.0.2
  20. Cookies to delete are not deleting when I go to cookies they are still showing in the delete window as cookies to delete. I will close Firefox and than run Ccleaner and close Ccleaner and re-open and run it again and still the same cookies show in cookies to delete. It's not working at all. Windows 7 32 bit Firefox
  21. No I will not put any IE garbage on my system. I personally hate IE and especially version 7, 8 or 9.. I hate the interface and the non-customization of the interface.
  22. Well I only use it for a single site because I don't use IE.. only for the bank billpay page.. that is the only site I use that requires IE. Oh and also the Microsoft download site.. not a single else do I use IE for.
  23. Not seeing this at all.. I am running the older version like stated above and I am not seeing this issue at all.. I also noticed when this happened the original temporary internet files is no longer located in the local settings folder so their is not two of them but a single one that has been moved by the new CCleaner. This is a bug in the latest CCleaner that moves temporary internet folders and cookies from the default folders in Windows XP. I only have a single account that I use or ever login to though I do have a backup profile in case of profile corruption than I can login to that unused account. CCleaner v3.00.1310 does not affect the folder location. The moment I use the new version I can view internet properties and find the folder location has been changed to my temp folder, which indicates it's being moved to %Temp% or %Tmp% not sure which as I have both go to C:\Temp to easily keep my temp folders managed easily.
  24. Windows XP SP3 with IE6... Because I only use Firefox with IE Tab.
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