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  1. Thanks again. Yes, I do have the correct Norton Version. (I didn't know where the V number was hiding so thanks) I cannot decline the update because CCleaner won't open when there is an update, so I don't know except for the fact that it won't open. I might try your uninstall/re-install option. Thanks for your help, I will have a look at the builds page (Fell for the offer once before, what a pain.)
  2. That's exactly it. Once a new update has been issued I cannot open CCleaner from the desktop. I usually update from the programme when I see that an update is available. Normally I wouldn't know that a new update is available until I open CCleaner. I am using Norton 360. Norton tells me that it is up to date and I have run the updater but cannot find any trace of the version number on my prog and wouldn't know where to look. I have been using CCleaner for many years without any problems. Thanks for all your help.
  3. Sorry, not very clear. I am using Norton and Norton tells me that I am using the latest version. I have used CCleaner for ten years or more and normally if there is an update, when I open CCleaner there is an option to update (I always do). In recent months I have always been able to open CCleaner from my desktop icon EXCEPT when there has been an update when CCleaner will not open. I then have to Google CCleaner and download the update from the web site and all is OK. Until there is another update I can open CCleaner from the desktop icon as usual. Never had a problem before and have run Norton for many years. Using Win 10 21 H1.
  4. In recent months, when CCleaner has been updated it will not open from the desktop icon. Instead I have to Google CCleaner and open from there. I can usually open CCleaner without any problems but not when it has been updated. Any ideas please?
  5. Many thanks, all best left well alone.
  6. Many thanks. I won't try to find it and delete it then.
  7. I recently downloaded the new Chromium Edge with the new wave icon. The old Microsoft Edge has disappeared from my computer. However, in C Cleaner on the left hand side under Windows I have Microsoft Edge, Chromium Edge and Internet Explorer listed. I still use IE as well as the new Edge but why is the old Microsoft Edge still displayed, there is no sign of it on my computer. Any ideas please?
  8. I wonder which is which if that is the case. When I am feeling brave I will have a go. I used One Drive a couple of times but don't think it is very straightforward. Thanks for your thoughts.
  9. I quite agree and it wasn't until I looked in Task View and tried to delete the files that I realised there was a problem. To make matters worse I now see that I have two folders with the same Activities Cache files in. I think I might copy them into Docs and delete and see what happens. I hate technology and Microsoft doesn't seem to pick up these things. Thanks for you input.
  10. Reading the entire thread, it suggests that there are three files that need to be deleted. As you say I could move them to a separate folder and see what happens and if necessary move them back again. If, following this operation the history will start recording again, I assume that means that the files are re-created. I am amazed that after this length of time Microsoft hasn't done something about this.
  11. Many thanks. I hadn't seen this but another version of similar advice. The problem is that when I found ActivitiesCache.db it wasn't a folder but a single file so I didn't know how to delete the files in a folder that didn't exist. I thought that it would be wiser to leave well alone.
  12. I have discovered that only some of the activities in Task View will delete. This is not through CCleaner but by own manual operation. Most of the deleted activities remain in a silhouette/transparent form and cannot be deleted at all. I have trawled the net but cannot find a satisfactory solution. Does anyone else have this problem and is there any way CCleaner will remove these activities? Win 10 V. 1909. Any help please?
  13. Thanks, I am not a techie and wouldn't dare go near the registry.
  14. I regularly use CCleaner on IE and Edge but for the first time today I received a message telling me that Edge could not be cleaned because I need to disable pre-launching and pre- loading. I am directed to here: https://www.ccleaner.com/docs/ccleaner/troubleshooting/how-to-disable-pre-launching-and-pre-loading-so-ccleaner-can-fully-clean-edge I appreciate that there are other posts on this subject but why has this problem affected me for the first time today and how long will the fix take that is referred to on the web page? Easy Clean works but assume that it is not cleaning Edge. I am very reluctant to start playing around with my computer's settings. Also it is odd that these two items do not appear in the Start Up menu. Any thoughts please?
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