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  1. okay i need help... I made one skin for win (not skin .... I just use Win classic skin with mu set of colors...). But... I need some reg tweaks which i dont know how to make...HELP what is the problem? I want to apply to all folder this options: Icons view: Tiles Icons arrange: By type (Showed in groups)... I dont know where to search in registry for this... i searched in: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer i need this for all folders (for current user but if there is for all users on PC - give it to me)! but i didn't find anything for th
  2. Krak

    Post DeskTop

    i maded this "skin"! Simple and light on resources (Windows classic vs vith color changes and folder view changes (+ without windows explorer icons and address bar))! For drawing in any case i use paint (from windows) and i maded these 2 backgrounds with it! it also simple but i love it and it's peace for my eyes
  3. Krak


    ok just turn off Javascript... And the site looks like this: try other host!? Geocitites i too much filled with pop ups and that java script windows...
  4. i like CDR with Graphical front end http://demosten.com/cdrfe/ fast, good and he never fails (for now )
  5. Krak


    Ok i dont understand what are you asking!? here is your site (index): what is wrong with it and how can we help?
  6. ok i wrote answer to all your questions! but it seams that we are going nowhere with this and i don wana be "black shepp" here on this forum so please understand me! I would like to answer you but there is some things that is better to not to say [note] I'm not geting out of this just not to give you answers!
  7. that is all stupid! KAV has the best detection on earth (it has great team but his heuristic is poor... But they hawe good network and in most cases they caught all viruses) according to tests! McAfee patches their mistakes very fast and is ok av! EZ truist is so poor av (please do not argue with me ... i know why i'm telling this!). AVG is vulnerable and avast leaks for some advanced technologies! in last version NOD32 is shaking system and it's have some bugs so it slows system. Trend Micro is my old love but it has so big updates and he can scan oly 6 sub archives (in v2005)! Panda is good
  8. i agree with that but most files are cracks and patches for programs and ilegal mp3 music!
  9. use http://www.dodgeit.com/ i just love it
  10. i didn't now that... I thought that there will be conflicts but it sems that im wrong... Is this really safe? To run v1.1 and v2.0 in same time? I use v2.0 but really i dont need it... but for mu friends...
  11. i'm not using it since p2p serves only to share cracks and other *hits (i don't support piracy!)! But when i used it it was WinMX but now he is turned off.... LimeWire is next choice (aldo people use it most for music)... If you just wana share files and download it in small application use utorrent (mi torrent): http://www.utorrent.com/
  12. Neo, the "One" 92% Maximus 58% William Wallace 54% James Bond, Agent 007 42% Indiana Jones 42% The Amazing Spider-Man 42% Batman, the Dark Knight 42% The Terminator 38% Lara Croft 38% El Zorro 25% Captain Jack Sparrow 25% they are right! But i would like to be Neo with extra sword abilities
  13. i think that there is no better answer and just to add: IE is now installing on legal Win machines.... That protection is easy to bypass if you are expirienced user of win but if you are beginner (like most of IE users are) that you will see how number of IE users will fall (again: this is just my theory)!
  14. Krak

    Speed up you IE

    tell me about it... FF i have all the time (for flash sites) and i know how slow is first launch... Tooooooooooo long Instead of this use Enhanced HOSTS file and IE Spyad... Much more practic and you can add your own sites @ALL please do not post: "IE is *hit"; "Ie is stupid"; "use <some other browser> instead of IE and so on... We all know that there is so much browsers (downlaod BrowserBob and make your own IE shell) but this is our choice (stupid or not)...
  15. i think that when you install any brico pack uxtheme.dll is being patched. Did i wrong?
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