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  1. for the love of new features, from my point of view having this option ON as DEFAULT is a bug - [discussed below] I consider ccleaner an amazingly dumb-proof one-click tool for removing garbage from a computer. For me the genius of CCleaner is that it NEVER deletes anything CRITICAL (unless told to, anyway) When it deletes OLD (backed up) browser sessions - that's OK, that counts as privacy measure (most people will struggle to even find the files) But when it deletes my WORKING DOCUMETS [ie web pages] just because i am not looking at them right now, that just feels wrong. Or maybe I AM werid - because after I close a browser with 15 tabs open, I do expect them to BE there next time i lanuch the browser. Maybe it's because I've been using 'tabs' for ten years? Of course, it is a workflow preference. Someone else may prefer all open tabs to disappear automatically when they close a browser. Fine - but surely it's kind of weird do it with 3rd-party app, when you can easily[three clicks?] set it in most browsers? [some even ASK you about it!] As of now it appears that CCleaner "by default" assumes we, users, are too lazy (forgetful, busy, etc...) to close/organize our own browsing session. Seriously, if I found my girlfriend had cleared&binned my desk in the name of "cleanlines" & "privacy", it wouldn't make me happy, would it? A compromise maybe, like CCleaner with optional, separate CLEARING & NET-PRIVACY pre-settings? Just an idea... I can see the real-life practicality of the default setting - but I can also hear couple of hundreds of people scream in disbelief after their sessions disappeared... by the way, do YOU use sessions? All in all, it's the eternal developer<->user communication loop :-) never perfect... I recommend CCleaner every week, especially to not-so-geeky-people. Now I will be adding a little warning... PS> of course... always remember: backup backup backup anyway ;-)
  2. I got quite upset after I ran ccleaner's last update&cleaning - my current sessions from Google Chrome and Firefox disappeared. This seems to be default setting in the latest version. Obviously - it is wrong to assume that user's session in a browser is something they don't need. It is like a cleaner coming to my house, throwing away my mail, just because it lies on the floor in front of the door. I consider this a bug. CCLEANER v2.35.1219 behaviour mentioned also> http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=29386&st=0&p=176021&hl=session&fromsearch=1entry176021 http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=29651&st=0&p=177269&hl=session&fromsearch=1entry177269 http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=29473
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