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  1. I was just reporting a bug in CC that I'd not seen in previous releases. All of SRPs on my pc are valid and usable as verified by System Restore, and, CC does not show newly created SRPs. I'm aware that I can delete them using ExplorerXP, but that doesn't address the Bug in CC. Again, I was just reporting a bug in CC that I'd not seen in previous releases.
  2. I have not checked the Wipe MFT Free Space, and verified it just now. CC still does not show the Restore Points that are present and verified by ExplorerXP.
  3. Windows System Restore shows available restore points. ExplorerXP shows the ""System Volume Information"" has 1.4GB of data. Only CCleaner shows no restore points. See attached
  4. The Previous version displayed all restore points without issues, and deletes them without issues. I downloaded the latest version (V2.35.1223) does not display existing restore points. Win XP with all the latest patches / Acer Aspire One Notebook. I had installed over the prev version. I then de-installed it and reinstalled the latest version, still does not show restore points.
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