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  1. It would be better if Ccleaner's 'Run' button would change to 'Close' button after it is pressed, so there isn't any moving the cursor to close CCL after cleaning.. given that the computer is essentially the epitome of efficiency.. At least they're trying to make it thus... Or, if after cleaning, Ccleaner would popup the cleaning details for 5-seconds, then close itself.. _________________ I run Ccleaner every-time I shutdown Firefox.. Lately CCL is finding about 200 trackers for a half hour session in YouTube.. Last week CCL found 11,000 trackers.. The day before 7,000 trackers.. I am heyoka sorcerer.. I see all reality.. I broke out of 'the box'.. I publish a lot of new mindish science for my kind.. I'm supposing trackers are people at the helm of major internet anomalies, who desperately need to and want to know new stuff, but don't have what it takes to understand any newness, who believe if they follow me around on the Web, they'll learn stuff their mummies and daddies and schools couldn't teach them.. It's like they have zero respect for my privacy.. Their incessant poking their noses in my business, and their blocking my critical messages to humanity, makes me feel like those turd are playing me like they believe I'm their video game, and their daddy they never had.. Gives me the feel that they desperately want to suckle off of me: milk, blood, energy, and wisdom.. I ain't their daddy nor mummy.. I wish they could and would just wake-up, and grow-up, and go away... I have installed the new Firefox, that claims to block all trackers.. It doesn't.. It can't yet.. Seems there isn't anything that can fully block trackers.. I've installed Duckgogo security addon, and a couple tracker blockers, noscript, and adblock, and have Firefox set to block all trackers.. Still the blackhatter cocaino-damaged little meat-monkeys get in, essentially informing right in my face that I do not have any rights to privacy... Coke makes them believe they are gods.. They ain't my gods... Do trackers do any harm to the operation of the computer..? Do trackers slow down the operation of the computer..? Are trackers a threat..? Are Yahoo and Google selling high-demand tracker hookups to clients..? Do they have a 'trackers shopping-list'..? Why would I have got tagged by 11,000 trackers..? Why is it so important to someone which YouTube videos I view, and what I search for in Google..? Does it make them feel almighty powerful to pester and irritate Innocence, thinkers, writers, love, and truth..? Will there ever be a public 'opt-out of trackers' option switch..? Is there..?
  2. Essentially your post was just for you... I suppose that's as close as you could come to flaming as you dare to in this reference forum... Essentially you've said Nothing, but a goofy opinionated complaint, a poor attempt at flaming, and a comical "three-monkeys" attempt at insulting... I searched your handle here, to find that all your posts say essentially nothing, but a series of mindless almost illiterate attempts at communicating your bits and pieces of unrelated opinions... I doubt this forum was intended to be your gossip knitting-club, nor is it your spider's web... One click op is a good idea.. after all, the computer tends to grow to be the very essence of efficiency... Maybe you should try to Grasp my initial post by reading it a hundred times or more, if you can.. and since you are into initiating flame wars, you might want to try to attack me in other forums which can handle four letter word battles, and worse, rather than you playing it sneaky and snidy here... Surf: "cosmicbrat", and meet me as your great christian-bully, somewhere where the mummy mods can't protect you from your incessant bullying of innocents... I would just love the have opportunity to turn you inside-out in "michael's flame warriors", as "CB"... So where's the smilie for "the melted/trashed mindless internet bully"..?
  3. Make CCleaner a one-click operation... I've got CCleaner set to clean and close.. but the need to click "run cleaner" is just an inefficient pain in the B... I'd like to click the quick-launch icon, and have the program do its thing zipzop, and gone... I use CCleaner after nearly every process.. like right after closing the browser, or right after booting On.. or after a lot of photo editing work... In my quick launch strip, I have: Cacheman Memory Restore, CCleaner, EasyCleaner, ScanDisk, and Defgrag... Throughout the use of the PC I often run: Cacheman, CCleaner, and EasyCleaner to check the Startup cleaner for additions just in case an unscrupulous website added something that needs a reboot to infect the hd.. and at the end of the day I run ScanDisk and Defgrag after those three... It's a simple formula that keeps this old W98se running fast and smooth, after I've dumped everything macromedia and shockwave to stop the freezes and hold-ups.. Those two programs are just too aggressive for the older OS's.. and are the whole reason for thousands of W98 lockup web pages... After an OS install, and peripherals, I immediately run CMDiskCleaner's custom registry search, for what I call "The Three Poops": macromedia, shockwave, backweb, showbehind, and desktopmessenger... Then I run Spybot S&D, and the other cleaners... Once the trojans and the "5-poops" are flushed out of the system, it never ever crashes nor freezes... Maybe CCleaner could add some of the features of those other cleanup programs, to make a complete cleanup a single click affair..? It would be sweet if the old version of TinyPersonalFirewall was added to CCleaner... It's not so much a "firewall", as it is an internal "splashguard"... Diect download link edited out by moderator
  4. I just found a powerful uninstaller in "CCleaner"... It works like a firestorm... which would be a more suited handle for it... The "ccleaner" handle just doesn't have any marketable "Snap Pizzaz!" to it... HotDam!.. This "CCleaner" is state of the art stuff... I'm gonna watch this company Closely for more good softwares... "CCleaner" in combination with "Registry Cleaner" and "Cacheman Memory Restore" and "Fast Degfrag".. does everything that's needed to make this Windows98se system run super smooth and fast... I call them, "my PC cleaner array"... If they all got together I bet they could come up with a cleaner software that would beat all... So I just dumped "Window Washer" and "Uninstaller", forever!!... and I'm not even gonna look at "Phantom", that someone recently suggested... I've been surfing the net for years in search of this cleanup system... Finally!.. oh yay!... I can't wait till they combine my cleaner array into one "Poop Nuker"...
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