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  1. It would be better if Ccleaner's 'Run' button would change to 'Close' button after it is pressed, so there isn't any moving the cursor to close CCL after cleaning.. given that the computer is essentially the epitome of efficiency.. At least they're trying to make it thus... Or, if after cleaning, Ccleaner would popup the cleaning details for 5-seconds, then close itself.. _________________ I run Ccleaner every-time I shutdown Firefox.. Lately CCL is finding about 200 trackers for a half hour session in YouTube.. Last week CCL found 11,000 trackers.. The day before 7,000
  2. Essentially your post was just for you... I suppose that's as close as you could come to flaming as you dare to in this reference forum... Essentially you've said Nothing, but a goofy opinionated complaint, a poor attempt at flaming, and a comical "three-monkeys" attempt at insulting... I searched your handle here, to find that all your posts say essentially nothing, but a series of mindless almost illiterate attempts at communicating your bits and pieces of unrelated opinions... I doubt this forum was intended to be your gossip knitting-club, nor is it your spider's web...
  3. Make CCleaner a one-click operation... I've got CCleaner set to clean and close.. but the need to click "run cleaner" is just an inefficient pain in the B... I'd like to click the quick-launch icon, and have the program do its thing zipzop, and gone... I use CCleaner after nearly every process.. like right after closing the browser, or right after booting On.. or after a lot of photo editing work... In my quick launch strip, I have: Cacheman Memory Restore, CCleaner, EasyCleaner, ScanDisk, and Defgrag... Throughout the use of the PC I often run: Cacheman, CCleaner, and E
  4. I just found a powerful uninstaller in "CCleaner"... It works like a firestorm... which would be a more suited handle for it... The "ccleaner" handle just doesn't have any marketable "Snap Pizzaz!" to it... HotDam!.. This "CCleaner" is state of the art stuff... I'm gonna watch this company Closely for more good softwares... "CCleaner" in combination with "Registry Cleaner" and "Cacheman Memory Restore" and "Fast Degfrag".. does everything that's needed to make this Windows98se system run super smooth and fast... I call them, "my PC cleaner array"... If they all got together I bet they
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