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  1. I do NOT like this new reporting format at all. Worse still, is that even after unchecking the two "24 hour" options in settings, the cleaner still repeatedly skipped my temp. internet files. Somehow I was finally able to do it. I don't like paying for this, the Pro version, when I could be frustrated "for free" without the purchase.... Making all these PITA changes may stroke developer egos, but does not improve customer experience.
  2. There seems to be no problem using older version; all is well.
  3. Well, that works for about 2 cleanings. It is a great PITA to open Win Explorer and go through this each time I want to clean. So I deleted it (and other Pro programs) and re-installed from the Backup CD I bought along with the Pro array of programs. The installed CCleaner version is different than the last update. Now installed: v. 5.12.5431 I've run it three times and all is good, so far. Time will tell. I will try not to update this installed version.
  4. The solution is in the last post of this Piriform Community Support thread: https://forum.piriform.com/index.php?s=2d0203d815bece47b2df05a72928be96&showtopic=20687&page=2 However, when I looked at these two items, each/both were correctly checked/unchecked, respectively. Just for the heck of it (being both curious and desperate) I unchecked the "Hide Protected Internet Files" and then re-checked it again, leaving it checked as directed in the thread by Denise. I then checked the "Show hidden files and folders" box, ignored the warning pop-up window that arose after checking that
  5. This started today; discovered minutes ago. Run the Cleaner ---> Internet Explorer Temporary Internet Files, History and Cookies being reported as having been "Skipped." Run the Cleaner's "Analyze" and it reports that there are files (sometimes "Cookies" is being skipped here also). Run the Cleaner again -- files still being skipped. All three of these items ARE checked on the left side of the Cleaner window. Does anyone know why CCleaner is skipping cleaning these three files? How do I get my CCleaner to clean normally again? I am using the current version, updated a few d
  6. Thanks. I'll probably do this next week. BTW, you stated, "you probably only need to reload WLM...." I've read that installing Windows Live Essentials 2012 is recommended, of which WLM is one of the components. My WLM is "2011". Do I have an outdated WLM version (2011) or is (was) WLM 2011 carried over as the current version of WLM in that Live Essentials 2012 package of programs? I cannot find an answer to this question.
  7. Thanks for the reply. I'm not sure, exactly, what you mean when you say, "...you'll have to redo your email accounts...." What, exactly, is lost? Only the contacts list? (Well, read below, you may not need to answer....) (OK, you must mean the server parameters for communicating via my cable provider.) I do receive all messages without problem, as I always have. However, every message in every folder has been duplicated upon reverting from Win10 to Win7; all messages in that entire data base of folders were duplicated if they existed at the time of reversion to Win7. Messages receiv
  8. A few days ago I upgraded from Win7 to Win10. The Win10 is just terrible, so I reverted back to Win7. The process was quick and easy. However, my reinstalled Windows Live Mail is really buggy now. Many Inbox messages are duplicated, with one of the now two "identical" (duplicated) email messages resulting in an error message, and these cannot be moved or deleted (always get an error message when trying). I can't send or reply to an email - get error messages. Opening more than two or three pages at a time on the MS browser results in error messages. Both of these programs go into a vic
  9. New info (to me); check it out: http://askbobrankin.com/are_you_being_fingerprinted_online.html
  10. Interesting/good stuff from the both of you mods. I'll look into these things. I run CC frequently, try to do this daily, especially after a lot of "research" (lots of sites visited) on the web, unless I've stumbled onto things that I might want to return to via my daily browsing History and that I didn't add to my Favorites file. I like to wipe out all my footsteps. Nothing stays for more than 48 hours. Anyway, I think we're getting there, to the point where we will identify and be able to completely delete our browsing histories. It's sort of like researching a cure for cancer, isn'
  11. I searched my files for something unusual. Right now Yahoo has my town listed in its weather report, so I searched for it. At each page of search results, I arranged the files from most recent to oldest, knowing that the any suspicious file would be very recent, dated for today, or yesterday at the very latest. Nearly all results were saved email messages and saved word processing documents. So I opened the C drive, looking for something besides these items. This is about the only thing I found with a recent date of creation and modification: OS(C:) --> Users --> (my name) --
  12. Thanks, everyone for all these replies. I'm going through them again, and thought I'd re-investigate this advice. (The more I go over things, the more I understand.) Here's a screen shot of a tab in the browsing history settings: Well, it seems (since there is a separate tab) that "Caches and databases" is (are) not the same thing as "Temporary Internet Files." May be something.... Thoughts on this? PS - Looking again, I see that there are no websites listed within that small window for a listing of web sites. But with the primary block "checked" maybe there is some caching goin
  13. realtime - thanks for that link. Just what I needed. I just went through those steps you listed. I then opened my home page, Yahoo News, and there was the temperature/weather of my home town! And I'm in a suburb (different Zip Code) of the "cable location" city I live next to. I do keep a very few cookies preserved with CC, but I've never used my address with any of them. The only thing I can think of is what someone once mentioned on a previous post of mine -- that the info comes from my ISP address. I have a hard time believing, though, that it could be that specific. Maybe this i
  14. Here's a couple of screen shots that will tell all that I have: I don't know a whole lot about this stuff. Is there some CC resource that briefly explains what each option is, and the effect of turning it on vs. off?
  15. Thanks for the reply. Here's what I have going on: OS: Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1 Browser Name and Version: Internet Explorer 10, Version 10.0.9200.16618, Update Version 10.0.6 (KB2838727) Adobe Flash: is checked (ON) Should this be unchecked (OFF)? I believe I updated this two or three weeks ago; perhaps the update defaulted to ON. What's the significance of this (ON vs. OFF)? BTW, under that second tab, every option is checked except Sun Java and Game Explorer. No, I don't use any sniping software, and I am unfamiliar with any/never knowingly used RSS.
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