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  1. I am seeing similarly strange numbers, with my C drive being by far the slowest, and one of my partitions on the same drive being shown as about 25x as fast. Likewise, my external USB 2 drive is shown as being twice as fast as the system drive... Something is definitely wonky here. We could use an explanation for these numbers. Does this maybe have to do with the cluster size the drives were formatted with?
  2. On my Win32 Vista machine, the page file is showing up blue like the OP said. On my OS, the file is called pagefile.sys and it is located in C:. I don't know if it's the same in Win7, Win8... This was working fine in v2.11 for me.
  3. Is it possible to use wild cards by editing the CustomFiles registry key? I'm a little nervous about experimenting with file deletion. For example: C:\temp\*.txt or C:\temp\textfile00*.txt
  4. *nods* Yeah, I had two empty keys there from things I know I don't have installed. Good find.
  5. Pretty sure Java does this as well. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that a lot of apps do it. Quite a waste of space.
  6. I use RegCleaner 4.3 (the last freeware version) and NTRegOpt, as well as CCleaner of course. I would echo what's been said about really looking into a program before using it. Some registry cleaners are of dubious value. Fred Langa did a nice article about this topic a while back and found that some cleaners were finding false positives, inflating the numbers to make it look like they're doing more than they are...
  7. RegistryProt - will alert you whenever a new install adds a startup registry entry, allowing you to accept or reject it.
  8. I use Startup Control Panel too. It's so quick and easy to use, although SysInternals Autoruns and A-squared HijackFree are great if you're looking for something a little (or a lot) more sophisticated. To Zaphirer regarding the tabs swapping places, I use South Bay PC AutoSizer to make the app stay wide enough onscreen that there is only one row of tabs. I make it 650x425 pixels. Then they stay put.
  9. Suggestion: the ability to clean IconCache.db. Bah, this should have gone in the Suggestions thread, obviously. One of the moderators can move it if they so desire.
  10. After cleaning with 1.27.242 beta with both the default winapp.ini and the latest winapp2.ini, Grisoft AVG 7 is still leaving a rather large emc.log file in C:\Documents and Settings\My Account\Application Data\AVG7\Log and I was wondering if the ability to clean this can be added. I think %userprofile%\Application Data\AVG7\Log|*.log would do the trick.
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