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  1. So just using the drive wiper tool with the one pass on the entire drive option you think would be enough? Should I use something like KillDisk as well or in lieu of?
  2. Hi all - I built a new computer last spring and I'd like to use my old 320GB hard drive from my old system in my new one, but I want a clean slate. What do I need to do and what software do I need to use to wipe the entire drive for reuse? I'm talking about wiping the entire drive. I'm not going to sell it because I'll most likely throw Ubuntu on it at some point for a development drive. Thanks!
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    You use FileShredder to erase, then what do you use CCleaner for? I just downloaded Eraser yesterday and felt like it wasn't doing it's job like it used to back in 5.8. When would you use FileShredder vs CCleaner? What would you use to wipe a HDD? Would you format it as well? Thanks!
  4. Hi! I have some questions regarding the proper steps in secure file deletion as I'm getting a tad confused. I'm on Win7 64-bit, partitioned drive (C:, D:). I started off using Eraser and was placing files/dirs in the Recycle Bin and using the shell option > Eraser, but when I used Recuva to verify the deletion I was finding the random names still in D:\$Recycle.Bin. So I figured Eraser wasn't doing the job and used CCleaner with Wipe Free Space and Wipe MFT Free Space selected. Now, when I run Recuva, I'm seeing ZZZ file names and directories. I tried to Secure Overwrite these items in Recuva, but I receive the error, "File is Resident in the MFT." I'm a bit baffled as to what the procedure is to a secure deletion and why I can't get rid of those ZZZ files now. - Should I move files to the Recycle Bin to secure delete them or should I just delete the files from it's current location? - What is the main difference between using Eraser and CCleaner and what scenarios garner when should I use one over the other? - Should I be using Wipe Free Space? - Does Wipe Free Space return usable/writable space or is it gone forever, meaning I actually lose space in the end - unless I format? - Does Secure Deletion return usable/writable space or is it gone forever, meaning I actually lose space in the end - unless I format? - Is there anyway to get rid of those ZZZ files? - I only have one hard drive, so what if I needed to wipe the entire drive and start over - I assume I'd need another hard drive first? I'm sure I'll have more newbie questions... Thanks for any help you can give me!
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